Don't Follow Your Dreams-Lead Your Dreams by Lisa Baker-King

I don’t believe in following your dreams. Following your dreams implies that your dreams are always in front of you, difficult if not impossible to catch. I believe in leading dreams. As a writer, we have a message to tell the world & an obligation to spread our message. So how do we lead our dreams? The answer is simple; get a plan and set goals for each step along the way.1)Define your brand and message. This is critical as it sets the tone for who you are and how your writing impacts others. 2)Build your platform. Authors hear this all the time but what is an author’s platform? It’s what it will take to get others on ‘your platform’, in lock step with you. It’s everything from social media, your web site, marketing materials and speaking engagements.)Build your personal Board of Directors: This is a diverse group of experts and subject matter experts that will help you along the way and provide you with needed feedback and expertise.By leading my dreams, the dream becomes a reality.

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The Zealous Zebecs from the Midnight Ocean's Zenith (Morgan
Lisa Baker-King

Sleep is the last thing on the minds of this sister and brother who are about to meet some strange, beautiful and quite questionable characters! Follow them and the clues as they look for Annie the Amazing Angelfish while weathering winds, summoning superpowers, forging friendships and fending off foes fathoms below the foamy surface of the surging seas. "The Zealous Zebecs from the Midnight Ocean's Zenith" joins an imaginative story with intense alliteration, and engages children in a...

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Sing to Me
Raine Balkera

Singer Liv Beckman thought she had left the horrors of her childhood behind, taking comfort in the safety of her reclusive existence. But, she thought wrong. When her first kiss walks into the recording studio, those memories and that kiss resurface to send Liv into a whirlwind of conflicting emotions. Regrets compete with anger while a smoldering desire to reconnect struggles to crack the protective wall she's built around her heart.
Liv's reluctance to let it all go won't make it easy...

Macy's Parade (The Morrison Family Book 6)
D.R. Grady

Macy Beckman has a dream of becoming a veterinarian. As soon as some smart school finally accepts her, she’ll be on her way. Nothing will interfere with her goals. Except maybe Nick Morrison and his four kids. They’re now offering Macy another dream, one she thought had died. Soon this amazing Morrison family wiggle their way into her heart and she’s not sure she wants to leave. But the school that finally accepts her isn’t within commuting distance to Hershey. Now Macy has to make a...

California Hood Luv
La'Quana Jones

Growing up in the projects of East Oakland, California gave Sapphire no other choice but to learn how to get money, and even more how to swim with the Sharks throughout the city. By any means necessary she wanted to live the lavish lifestyle that came with having a major dope boy by her side and she would stop at nothing to having it her way. However, living the fast life came with repercussions and consequences in the streets of California. Raised under a drug addicted mother, Sapphire was...

No Luck At All (Weston Family Series Book 3)
Julie Lence

The youngest son of a wealthy rancher, Creel Weston spent his childhood breaking wild mustangs and dreaming of becoming a doctor. Being blackmailed into marrying a spoiled socialite wasn't part of his plans, especially when he loved her. He'd take Racine back home with him and find a comfortable ground with her. Trouble was, she wasn't as spoiled as he'd been led to believe, and harbored scars that would take more than his doctoring skills to heal.
Boston socialite Racine Somerfield...

The Inconvenient Unborn
David Carter

England in the near future though you may not like what you see.
The Cazenoves and the Wilsons don’t get along, leastways the parents don’t – the teenage kids adore each other, but when the oldest Wilson girl falls pregnant, sparks fly.

Donald Cazenove just happens to be Fred Wilson’s boss, but Fred isn’t without influence himself, being the senior shop steward, and the business is struggling anyway, and a strike could play havoc with Donald’s figures.