Don't Follow Your Dreams-Lead Your Dreams by Lisa Baker-King

I don’t believe in following your dreams. Following your dreams implies that your dreams are always in front of you, difficult if not impossible to catch. I believe in leading dreams. As a writer, we have a message to tell the world & an obligation to spread our message. So how do we lead our dreams? The answer is simple; get a plan and set goals for each step along the way.1)Define your brand and message. This is critical as it sets the tone for who you are and how your writing impacts others. 2)Build your platform. Authors hear this all the time but what is an author’s platform? It’s what it will take to get others on ‘your platform’, in lock step with you. It’s everything from social media, your web site, marketing materials and speaking engagements.)Build your personal Board of Directors: This is a diverse group of experts and subject matter experts that will help you along the way and provide you with needed feedback and expertise.By leading my dreams, the dream becomes a reality.

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The Zealous Zebecs from the Midnight Ocean's Zenith (Morgan
Lisa Baker-King

Sleep is the last thing on the minds of this sister and brother who are about to meet some strange, beautiful and quite questionable characters! Follow them and the clues as they look for Annie the Amazing Angelfish while weathering winds, summoning superpowers, forging friendships and fending off foes fathoms below the foamy surface of the surging seas. "The Zealous Zebecs from the Midnight Ocean's Zenith" joins an imaginative story with intense alliteration, and engages children in a...

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Due Process
Jane Finch

The only way to have a future is to confront the past.
Amanda thought her life was perfect. Handsome husband. Clever child. Lovely home. Then it all started to crumble. First her husband is abducted, then her child. Is it something from her husband's work as a criminal lawyer? Maybe an unhappy client, or perhaps he knew too much about one of his less upstanding clients.
When the wheels of due process turn slowly Amanda takes matters into her own hands and begins investigating her...

Re-cast (Casting Couch Book 2)
Michael J Kerwood

The Casting Couch quintet .
This is a story about three cottages. They sit adjacent in an isolated lane in North Wales, UK. In their time they have had many occupants, some of them have left of their own free will, and some of them... haven’t.
The first book replicates the immediate existence of our four main protagonists, who, for the first few pages, are very much two dimensional until Dogleg Lane and its three cottages stamp their illogical influence upon them.
The four...

The Truth She Knew (The Truth Series Book 1)
J.A. Owenby

Mama didn’t want me. In fact, she would’ve traded my soul back for someone different if God would’ve let her, but he didn’t, so she was stuck with me.

For eighteenyearold Lacey, life at home is a rollercoaster. She doesn’t think she’ll ever be good enough to truly deserve Mama’s love. But when Lacey enters college and meets Walker, everything starts to change. Suddenly, Lacey is face to face with the realization that maybe what she’s always seen as normal really...

Sins of the Father: Revenge is never sweet...
Jane Finch

After a difficult divorce Kate plans to start a new life on the other side of the world with her young son, David. Her exhusband, Alec, has other ideas and disappears with their son, leaving Kate in a desperate search to find them. Kate’s concern grows when she receives a disturbing text. Unable to convince the authorities to act quickly, Kate takes matters into her own hands, but when she eventually finds them, she is forced to put her own life on the line in order to save her son.......

Daring the Wild Sparks
Ren Alexander

In the follow up to “Chasing the Wild Sparks,” Hadley Beckett’s quest for wedded bliss perseveres…
What would you do if the love of your life were closer to making your dreams come true?
Riding high in her relationship with her sportscaster/local daredevil boyfriend, Finn Wilder, Hadley Beckett makes plans concerning her future with Finn. Big plans.
Spending time with Finn at his parents’ house for Easter, Hadley can’t wait to share some of her ideas with him, hoping he...