The Unexpected Richness of an OrdinaryLife by Lisa C. Miller

This is a personal blog where I write about my life in general. I write about writing, Bible Studies other things of interest to me. I like to find encouraging things to post that uplift, encourage inspire people to improve their life.

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Inspirations from Heaven's Gate
Lisa C. Miller

“Lisa leads us through the spiritual journey of her life with poignant reflections on family, love, fears, hopes and dreams.” – Audrey Copeland, Professor UAF
“Lisa Miller forges a lean and sinewy poetry that is at once reflective and raw, invoking both the head and the heart. Miller’s freeverse wends its way along peaks and valleys of the human journey, and the author is as steadfast before life’s inevitable pains and she is sanguine amid its myriad delights. This is a...

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Chocolate-Covered Eyes: A Sampler Of Horror
Lori R. Lopez

Lori R. Lopez will tingle your spine while tickling your funny bone in six peculiar tales from two of her story collections: OUTOFMIND EXPERIENCES and THE MACABRE MIND OF LORI R. LOPEZ.
Can the living and the undead coexist in peace? A zombie defender must question his principles when a hunter becomes infected by the zombie plague and threatens the boy's mother in "Heartbeat".
Would the tormented pet of a psycho, after witnessing countless abominations, begin to exhibit disturbing...

Onyx: Tetra Addendum: The Fourth Novel In The Pseudoverse

Caught between the past and the present, a young archaeologist is thrust forward into the future as pawn in a twisted game hosted by the corrupt, the greedy, and the underworld. In this fourth novel in our Pseudoverse, the year is 2049, twentyseven years before Cobalt. Who was the very first Pseudosynth? A detective working a case of murders become a casualty of Ray Nelson’s early work as we follow her and her partner through the wasteland of lies, coverups, and mummified remains. This...

AWAYDAY: Which don did it?
Judy Ford

When the bursar of Lichfield College is found strangled in an Oxford hotel, Detective Chief Inspector Jonah Porter rapidly concludes that the killer is one of the nine college staff attending a meeting there, but who is the most likely suspect? Is it mathematics fellow, Tom Carrington, who found the body? Or was it the Master, who was the last to see him alive? Was the bursar blackmailing one of his colleagues? Or could it be a crime of passion committed by his former mistress?
As the...

The Yellow Butterfly: children dealing with death (Life Beam

I wrote The Yellow Butterfly for my friend who lost her husband. There are not many easy to read stories for children who have to cope with the loss of a parent. It is a story for children but even an adult reading it will appreciate the bliss to the heart coming from a tiny Yellow Butterfly.......

First Encounter (The Brown Rain Series Book 1)
Connie Cockrell

Seventeen years ago, the brown rain started falling without explanation, without excuse. It killed everything it touched.

Then, after four years of death and destruction, it stopped just as inexplicably.

Now Alyssa and Kyra, two young women from a surviving community, are sent out into a desolate world to look for other survivors. Between Alyssa’s unique power and Kyra’s roguish skills, they might just succeed. But what they end up finding in the outside world, despite...