The Unexpected Richness of an OrdinaryLife by Lisa C. Miller

This is a personal blog where I write about my life in general. I write about writing, Bible Studies other things of interest to me. I like to find encouraging things to post that uplift, encourage inspire people to improve their life.

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Inspirations from Heaven's Gate
Lisa C. Miller

“Lisa leads us through the spiritual journey of her life with poignant reflections on family, love, fears, hopes and dreams.” – Audrey Copeland, Professor UAF
“Lisa Miller forges a lean and sinewy poetry that is at once reflective and raw, invoking both the head and the heart. Miller’s freeverse wends its way along peaks and valleys of the human journey, and the author is as steadfast before life’s inevitable pains and she is sanguine amid its myriad delights. This is a...

Have You Read?
13 Horror Stories
John McDonnell

13 stories that will make a chill run down your spine and stand your hair on end. It's horror that makes you think, horror with a surprise ending, horror that keeps you up at night. These are tales of revenge, of betrayal, of the power of love (or is it hate?) to overcome even Time and Space. Short and notsosweet, these stories will stick with you long after you finish reading them.......

Hallowe'en With Tori-Jean: Rhymes of Slime and Goo (Tori-Jean,
Jackie Williams

ToriJean’s back with a howlin’ good time.
Funny rhymes and spooky pictures to fill your Hallowe’en with nothing but treats!......

Georgina Zuvela

Rosko Krystoffe and Derek Schoemakker are on an ambitious quest to Jupiter’s moon Callisto with a small crew, which includes Gretchen Tousard and Vanda Shariffe. Their mission is to rescue Eva who is presumed sold into slavery, and to repossess an alien artifact named the Madonna's Cross that is unlawfully held in possession by the Calliston Gabra Shi.
As competition increases among the top scientists in OOS and also between the Spirullian Force and SEV’s Syncronised Network,...

Battlefield Z
Chris Lowry

Fans of postapocalyptic science fiction and zombie movies are going to love this sci fi comedy with a little bit of heart.
After the world collapses when a zombie plague sweeps the nation, a three time father has two choices. Stay hiding in his house or go hunt for his children with their mother and stepfather just to make sure they're safe.
How tragic would it be if you had no idea what happened to your kids when a disaster occurred? No amount of survivalist training can prepare you...

The Amazing Wolf Boy
Roxanne Smolen

Cody Forester plans to become a doctor. Instead, he becomes a werewolf. The first time Cody shows fang and fur, his parents ship him off to podunkville to live with his black sheep uncle. His revised career choice is social hermit. As the new kid, he makes more enemies than friends. His high school teachers label him a troublemaker. The whole town hates him. Except Brittany. She's beautiful, with her eyes painted black and her lips dark purple. When Brittany discovers his secret, she tries...