Dawn Delivers by D E Howard

Every flower begins with a seed

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Assaie's Gift
D E Howard

Kia Deering is a normal teenage girl looking forward to celebrating her 18th birthday in style. What she didn't anticipate was the revelation that would change her life beyond recognition.
The Goddess Assaie fell for a human and gave up everything, including her identity, to be with him, sacrificing everything she ever knew in the name of true love.
When Kia discovered she was a descendant of the Goddess she had a year to embrace all that it meant or to turn her back on her destiny forever.

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Grace Carpenter

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Horror Writers' Phrase Book: Essential Reference for All
Jackson Dean Chase

Instantly write better horror!
Arranged for quick, easy reference, the Horror Writers' Phrase Book contains over 3,000 ways to describe death, gore, hauntings, monsters, weapons, and moreā€”plus dark emotions and writing exercises.
Before using this book: "The chainsaw cut her neck."
After using this book: "The buzzing blade savaged her soft, white throat."
There are plenty of violent descriptions, but the book covers all kinds of horror subgenres like paranormal romance.

Retribution of the Changed: Book 3 in the Redemption Series
Angelique S. Anderson

In the third and final book in the Redemption Series, hope and faith are crumbling, and many, many lives are lost. Families have been torn apart, and the Changed Ones have been almost entirely wiped from the Earth.
Leaving the love of his life behind, Castiel journies to Terra Enim, for a final encounter with the Hunter. Life, love and the end of the world hang in the balance.......

Enduring Armageddon
Brian Parker

The world as we know it is destroyed when a regional conflict spins out of control, pulling other nations into the war. Most major population centers are vaporized in the ensuing chaos, throwing millions of tons of dirt and ash into the atmosphere to block out the sun and create a nuclear winter.
A new age of lawlessness begins. The void created by the destruction of our central government is filled by local warlords who struggle against each other to provide resources for their people....