Lone Horse Spirit by Ani Manjikian

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Spirit of the Lone Horse (Stars of Heros Book 1)
Ani Manjikian

A horse. A woman. A dream. Jo Mason is faced with the choice of running away or taking back control. Her decision begins an adventure that weaves a tapestry through past mistakes, present circumstances, and future hopes.

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The Farm Sitter: Australian Rural Romantic Suspense
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But she doesn't expect a Jackaroo to saunter into her home late one night, where she holds him at gunpoint. He introduces himself as Ryan Cross, The Farm Sitter, who remains employed by her...

Break Down Your Walls: Be the Person God Created You to Be...Be
Sharon Shabinaw

From the Author of “Signs from God”, Sharon Shabinaw, brings you her second book, “Break Down Your Walls!” Be the person God created you to be…be a Better You! The inspiration within this book, was truly a gift from God that Sharon received. After struggling for several years dealing with stress, God intervened because she could take no more. When her stress levels hit their peak, God stepped in and forced her to take the time she needed to heal from the inside out. This is a...

The World Beyond Stephanie's Head
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Playing House
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"Masters only did two seascapes before his hand was crushed."
David and Emma Thomas have reached the end of the road. Only one thing is preventing them from parting ways: a painting they bought on honeymoon. Priceless to both of them, the only solution seems to be to find the second of the elusive Masters' seascapes and each carry away a piece of the past.
Will an impromptu road trip set them free once and for all?......