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White Lightning
GC Smith

WHITE LIGHTNING is a story of a top notch stock car raceteam trying to grab the big prize in stock car racing that will, in turn, make their Southern regional corporation, WHITE LIGHTNING INDUSTRIES (car parts and care products and service stores), a national corporate player. Bad guys try to take over the corporation. Their skullduggery ends up with multiple murder.
The book bounces from the South Carolina Lowcountry to the NASCAR race circuit to the Bahamas and back to the race...

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Where Dreams and Visions Live (Anthologies of the Heart Book 1)
Mary Blowers

A new venture by author Mary Blowers to provide an audience for 38 authors, many publishing for the first time. Challenge your beliefs about Dreams and Visions in this anthology of short stories, essays, and poems.......

Ron Shaw

For one Georgia family, Thanksgiving 2016 looms, ominously.
After their last Thanksgiving together, surviving this one may well depend on a force beyond their control.
Thirteen for dinner this year fuels those with trepidations about attending another threealarm affair.
Can they depend on an ambulance arriving on time this go around?
How many family members will be served a drumstickless trip to the local Emergency Room?
Through the laughs, tears, and tragic moments, this...

Dreams Adrift (River Dream Book 3)
DW Davis

Michael and Maeve are about to renew their vows in the big, beachside wedding Maeve always dreamed of when Rhiannon's unexpected arrival threatens to derail their plans. Will Rhiannon be able to win Mike back, or will his new love for Maeve be stronger than his old feelings for his high school sweetheart?
The fates once conspired to change Michael's dreams. Are they now conspiring to set his Dreams Adrift?......

Social Stories: Visual stories for children on the autistic
Christine Vann

Children with learning difficulties are often visual learners, especially those on the autistic spectrum. Visual stories can lower anxiety levels and give a clear description to help the child develop appropriate social behaviour and understand selfcare, different scenarios and transitions.
This collection includes over twenty visual stories to match a variety of situations. Written by a mother after extensive research and study for the use of her own child, these are now being offered...

BAM! How To Write An Ebook & Upload To Kindle: Including tips
Jamie Hill

Are you looking to write your first Ebook? Not sure where to start?
Then let BAM! How to write an Ebook and upload to kindle help you out!
This detailed guide provides advice on :
And lot's more!
So download today and get working on your first Ebook!