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White Lightning
GC Smith

WHITE LIGHTNING is a story of a top notch stock car raceteam trying to grab the big prize in stock car racing that will, in turn, make their Southern regional corporation, WHITE LIGHTNING INDUSTRIES (car parts and care products and service stores), a national corporate player. Bad guys try to take over the corporation. Their skullduggery ends up with multiple murder.
The book bounces from the South Carolina Lowcountry to the NASCAR race circuit to the Bahamas and back to the race...

Have You Read?
Queen Of Knights
David Wind

In the days of Richard The Lion Heart, Gwendolyn was born. Conceived within the Druid mists, at the Pool of Pendragon and as prophesied by a Druid Priestess, she grew into womanhood, and became the most powerful knight the world had ever seen.
When Miles Delong, Earl of Radstock and military adviser to King Richard first saw her, he was lost to her beauty and might. He taught her the art of war, but it was Gwendolyn, who taught Sir Miles the art of love.
Together, Gwendolyn and Myles...

More From the Deed Box of John H. Watson MD
Hugh Ashton

Hugh Ashton ("the reincarnation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle") has unearthed three more tales referred to in the original books, but never before released to the public: Colonel Warburton's Madness; the Paradol Chamber; and the Giant Rat of Sumatra.

A British Christmas

Three Christmas tales from Scotland, England and Wales to warm your holidays.
Scottish Christmas Addison James
Beth Bishop, left alone in Edinburgh over the Christmas holidays, is unexpectedly invited to the childhood home of Gordon MacKay, a friend of a friend who happens to be tall dark and handsome, with a Scottish accent as well. She spends three days meeting the MacKay clan, learning Scottish customs, getting to know both Gordon and his family. The visit takes a turn when...

Ripoff: A Funny Crime Caper

Who's ripping off the Federal prison systemand how?A funny crime caper with a diabolically clever Kimberly was living the good life with a great executive job, a wardrobe to die for, and a hot young boyfriend. That all changed in the space of a few hours when her company went bankrupt and her boytoy took off with her money and most of her worldly possessions. When she accepts a job with the Federal prison system, she and her sidekicks are faced with not only a "whodunit" but a "howdunit"...

The Soul of Adam Short
David J. O'Brien

The cares of life are beginning to cloud fifteenyearold Adam Short's carefree existence. Important exams are looming, his girlfriend Julie thinks he's unfocused, and right now he's about to be late for the school trip. Neither his teacher, nor Julie, will be pleased if he misses the bus.
Adam has much bigger problems when, in an extraordinary accident, his soul is torn from his body. His body loses all consciousness‚ąíreduced to a mere automaton existence: eating when food is put in its...