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Hobbity Bobbity: & The Red Bush Forest

"Hobbity Bobbity and the Red Bush Forest is the story of an incredible journey into a cursed forest where no Bobbity ever dared to go. Who is Hobbity Bobbity? He’s a notsoaverage teenage boy destined to become larger than life. Traveling between the past and the future, Hobbity meets several characters along the way who help him unlock the secrets of the Red Bush Forest and stop an evil enchantress from stealing all light from every planet in the galaxy.
Packed with fun, laughs, and...

Have You Read?
The Haunting of Donan Castle
Kelli Burris

It's time to journey back to Scotland in 1600's where Lord Nicholas Carlyle and his new bride Isobel were beginning a life together. Little did they know that they time together would be short lived. For on one rainy night Isobel fell to her death.
Nicholas spent his whole life and the afterlife finding answers on why that would happen? Was it suicide? Was it murder? Now, 300 years later the mystery will be solved.......

Saving Anna (Jake Talbot Investigates Book 2)
Toni Allen

Detective Inspector Jake Talbot hates working undercover. Yet, when ordered to Dorset to observe a sinister cult for the Ministry of Defence, he accepts, because the group’s beliefs pose a direct threat to his disabled sister, Anna. The MOD also need his friend Frankie’s exceptional computer skills, skills he’s prohibited from using except on the Ministry’s behalf. Bitter from previous dealings with them, Frankie refuses to work for the government, but is willing to assist Talbot....

Dance Of The Chupacabras (The Tome Trilogy Of Trilogies Book 1)
Lori R. Lopez

A dark and humorously scary novel, DANCE OF THE CHUPACABRAS (TOME ONE of the TOME TRILOGY OF TRILOGIES) will take you on a fantastic and eccentric adventure through a shifting desert world in Northern Mexico as two brothers stumble into the roles of heroes and attempt to rescue a young girl kidnapped by El Chupacabras. Aztec god Quetzalcoatl and Mayan god Camazotz have teamed up to reclaim a stolen empire. The girl must be sacrificed, humanity vanquished. A subplot involves a busload of...

Without a Net (The Santa Monica Trilogy Book 1)
Jill Blake

Eva has always played it safe...and where has it gotten her? Betrayed by her husband, left alone to raise her young son, and fighting to hang on to what's left, the last thing she needs is another philandering male.
Max has always pursued adventure...until he gets sidelined by an accident. While recovering from his injuries, he discovers that the biggest adventure of his life may be closer than he ever imaginedin the form of Eva, his baby sister's best friend.
The problem? ...

The Special Relationship Short Stories.
Sirius Alexander

This is a collection of short stories involving some of the characters from my novel, The Special Relationship. They can be read as standalone stories or used to add flavour to the characters in the novel.