Hidden From the Face of Humans by Susan J Slack

News, reviews, research and opinions revolving around ancient Egypt and publishing. Start a conversation about the book. What was in the historical record and what was made up?

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Hidden From the Face of Humans: A Mystery of the Last Egyptian
Susan J Slack

Who Killed the High Priestess Thermafi?
Palace intrigue...sibling murder.
Hidden From the Face of Humans is a sweeping epic that brings to vivid life the last native Egyptian dynasty of 400 BCE. Behind the banquets and the festivities, the worldchanging battles and maneuvers, are the great powers of the day: the pharaohs of Egypt, Plato of Athens, Persian King Artaxerxes, and Spartan King Agesilaus.

Moving serenely amidst the political turmoil is Thermafi, an Egyptian...

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