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On our blog we share news about our children's book, work in progress, free short stories and children's book we have enjoyed reading :)

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The Lonely Snowflake
Patrick S. Stemp

Snowflake is trying to find a friend who looks just like her. But all snowflakes are unique, and she is worried that she'll never find someone exactly like her to be her friend.......

Have You Read?
The Black Dog
Kimberly Gilliam Byars

A magical, lyrical tapestry of fact and fancy are woven together in this debut collection of short stories, The Black Dog. Inspired by tales remembered from Kimberly Gilliam Byars’ childhood growing up in rural West Kentucky, the stories contained within are inspired by fact and brilliantly juxtaposed against a colorful canvas of imagination. Byars tantalizingly leads her readers along a winding path through which she has woven an enduring mystery that will leave readers mesmerized and...

Tania Giguere

"Angel's story of torment from being bullied. A story that never seems to be told. A crime that never gets much attention.
""I don't ever want to be like you. I don't ever want to hurt the people in this world that I love the most. I don't want your hate or your anger. I don't want to be the beast in your jungel."""

Average Daydreamer
Anita Kovacevic

Priscilla is happy being a successful, single, business woman. Or is she? With her best friend's wedding approaching, she finds herself constantly daydreaming about romance with perfect men doctors, firemen, secret agents, sexy chefs. Aiming for perfection, she tries to ignore an ordinary guy she sees every day, but he makes her feel... something. When perfection finally comes, she finds herself torn between her dreams and the reality. Perhaps dreamy perfection is just not something that...

An Australian Story: The saga of an Australian Family over two
Gordon Smith

The story of an Australian Family beginning in 1808 and up to 1998. The story of courage and pioneering spirit. The story of hardship and loss. The neverending story of love and family. Two world wars and 4 soldiers lost. This is a story of a family and the history that happened around them.......

Traveler's HOT L: Volume Two: New Tales from the Time
C. R. Downing

In this, the second volume of time travel stories that originate or pass through the Harmonic Overlap of Time Location (HOT L), seven tales are presented.
In these ALL NEW stories, you will read more exploits of Chronos, Eternity, Tempus, and Epoch as they manipulate the fabric of time and those traveling along that fabric.
Old friends Phil Mamba, Rose Reynolds, Aaron Fremont, and Henry Langdon are back. With Mamba solving a case thanks to unexpected helpers; Rose making a ...