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To Deliver The Future
Grey Wolf

With the Second World War having ended in a draw, a NaziAmerican Cold War has set in, but now both sides believe they have the ultimate secret weapon, only it requires one of them to strike first!
From the frozen fjords of Norway to the very banks of the Potomac, from the docks of New York City to Hitler's mountain fastness, the action sees Nazi Germany take the ultimate gamble.......

Have You Read?
Unlikely Soldiers Book Two:: (Secrets & Lies)
Deb McEwan

"The story of Guy and Mouse was entertaining, and at times, sweat inducing. I liked the thrill and I loved reading about all the inside military action." Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite
Forced apart by their Army Service, will the Falklands War, the troubles in Northern Ireland and a posting to the British Army of the Rhine be the kiss of death for Mouse and Guy’s relationship?
Is their passion strong enough to survive a dangerous vendetta or the...

The Nursing Home Fugitive
Georgiann Baldino

Clive Parisi lives momenttomoment. A stroke took away his ability to remember. He runs away from the nursing home and embarks on the best journey of his life. A cast of weird, wonderful, disabled characters help him adapt. He takes up painting as a way to communicate and proves that, despite overwhelming obstacles, he can still decide what becomes of him.
Author Georgiann Baldino gives caregivers everywhere a novel they can understand and enjoy.......

Wings of Honor
Jay Williams

In 1985 an unknown killer stalks the skies of North Carolina, shooting down defenseless, unarmed small aircraft. His weapon of choice: a Fokker Dr. I, a replica of the machine used so effectively in WWI by Manfred von Richtofen, the “Red Baron.” WINGS OF HONOR takes off on the tale of the two men who attempt to hunt down that killer. Dallas Wright, an NTSB investigator, loves to do everything by the book, from keeping the stats on his beloved Baltimore Orioles, to writing such detailed...

Diaspora (An Ominous Book series, book 4)
Nancy Foster

“The guards are mad; they want to keep me as a sort of caged parakeet.”
Becoming the Elf King has a couple of drawbacks that Lord Spaulding never realized before. After awakening in National Palace several months ago with an abdominal wound and part of his memory erased, the former clan leader begins to struggle with the demands of his new life.
And what is the worst part of all of this?
“I'm sorry my Master, but the king of our nation must show a regal appearance at all...

Defiance on Indian Creek
Phyllis A. Still

Thirteen-year-old Mary Shirley wants a normal life with friends her age and someday, suitors. But Papa intends to remove the family to Kentucky territory, and she believes he's a loyalist spy, endangering the family.
Internal struggles lead to lost trust and acts of defiance until Mary is faced with a dangerous decision: loyalty to Papa or loyalty to a cause. Lives are at stake no matter what she does--one, puts hers at risk.