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To Deliver The Future
Grey Wolf

With the Second World War having ended in a draw, a NaziAmerican Cold War has set in, but now both sides believe they have the ultimate secret weapon, only it requires one of them to strike first!
From the frozen fjords of Norway to the very banks of the Potomac, from the docks of New York City to Hitler's mountain fastness, the action sees Nazi Germany take the ultimate gamble.......

Have You Read?
White Ghost and the Poison Arrow
Kellie Steele

Arella is an outcast in her tribe, white skinned and silver haired, bright purple eyes and a strong will, while the others are dark skinned and passive. She longs to be free of the chains of society, but does not realize the dangers of this.

Eileen Thornton

When four divorced friends meet up for a few drinks, all they can talk about is their disillusionment at how their love life is proceeding. After more drinks than might be good for them, they come up with the brilliant idea of opening their own online dating agency.

Despite the arguments and differences between the thirtysomething, divorced women, is soon launched at one of London’s most prestigious hotels.

Will this be the answer to their problems, or the...

Elder Blood (The Epimetheus Trial Book 1)
E. A. Setser

Everyone Has Their Secrets
In Berinin, a new Chieftain Heir is born, but only his grandfather and a child from ArcNos know the truth of his birth. In Ferya, a denial of paternity fractures a family. In Ivaria, the plight of an orphan motivates his adoptive father to seek a child of his own blood.
These four children MeiLom of ArcNos, Galo of Berinin, Eytea of Ferya, and Vielle of Ivaria are part of a longforgotten line of hominids called Hybrids.
Soon after, an ArcNosian soldier...

Bone White: Mundy's Landing Book Three
Wendy Corsi Staub

New York Author Wendy Corsi Staub revisits Mundy’s Landing—a small town with a bloodsoaked town of Mundy’s Landing was founded on a horrifying secret, but stark white bones of the dead never shall never tell.” Spurred by the cryptic phrase in a centuriesold letter, Emerson Mundy travels to her ancestral hometown to trace her past. In Mundy’s Landing, she connects with long lost relatives—and a closet full of skeletons going back centuries.
In the year since former NYPD...

Stargazers (Sky: Book 2)
R.E. Palmer

Stargazers (Sky: Book 2)
Two years have passed since Tomas was lost in the final confrontation with the Shriekers. But if Shelley hoped Tomas had defeated them, she was wrong. The dark dreams have returned, and once more, Shelley needs to find Carly or face the growing terror alone. But what had Tomas said? 'Look for me in the stars.' Could he come back? Shelley is tested to her limits as she strives to bring him back. Back to stop Selene taking form and inflicting a pain beyond belief...