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Bayou Bound (Fleur de Lis Series book 2)
Linda Joyce

Biloxi Dutrey grounds her jetsetting photography career and returns to Mississippi when she learns her family home, Fleur De Lis, is headed for financial ruin. She plans to save it by scooping up the job of Keeper. But that means breaking tradition, and her family isn't cooperating.
Veterinarian Nick Trahan is new in town and wants folks to stop matchmaking. He won't settle for just a pretty face. He wants the perfect woman, one who believes in family and commitment...the exact opposite...

Have You Read?
Tongue-tied (Mills & Boon Temptation)
Colleen Collins

Robin Lee is a woman of few words so she lets her actions stand for themselves. And when Johnny Dayton—her badboy crush from childhood—appears in her life, she shows him how happy she is to see him. But Johnny's hiding something from her. Suddenly she wishes she knew how to ask him what that is before this steamy encounter involves her heart.
The last thing Johnny was looking for when he i walked into the diner was the hottest kiss he's...

Legends of Deceit: Fantasy, New Adult (Legends of Deceit Series
Rebekkah Ford

They know her.
They want her.
They're poised to attack, but then a mysterious warrior with piercing green eyes saves her and nothing will ever be the same.
When Haven Evergreen was twelve, a witch cast a memory spell on her. Ten years later, Haven comes home and finds her mother murdered and two hooded beings lurking nearby.
Larkin Vestergaard is part of an elite team of soldiers. He's on a special assignment to save the daughter of his king. When he sees Haven, he's shaken to...

Separation (An Ominous Book series, book 2)
Nancy Foster

Richard and Spaulding have both survived the disaster that befell Ayrtain without knowing what has become of the other party. Richard embattles with the overwhelming news that with the exception for his sister and a distant cousin named Leilandy, his entire family is deceased for unknown reasons while Spaulding is enduring a grueling ordeal of his own. Encountered by a group of rangers in the western fringes of his nation just a few days after the incident, Salman and Froylan have him...

Living At Flashpoint; The Art of Sustaining the Spontaneous
Mary Thomas Sala

Since the beginning of civilization, master performing artists, shaman and mystics have held an honored position in our collective human culture. Living at Flashpoint provides a detailed accessible guide, which completely shifts your perspective on life. It is a modern guide to an everyday awareness, showing all of us the way to a greater expression and experience of our own mystical and sacred nature. These are the spiritual life secrets we all should learn and pass down from generation to...

A Cup of Pending: Revenge - South Beach Style
Jonah Gibson

Pending coffee is the catalyst for a revenge scheme gone awry. It's a laughstoked romp through Miami Beach, featuring a host of quirky characters. Reality TV that's not quite real, Prosperous Christians circling the wagons to keep the poor at bay, highprofile charities that do more for their patrons than they do for the needy, the of poverty and homelessness, romance novels that pander to our baser instincts, South Beach sophistication where swaying palm trees shade unseemly goings on—all...