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On my blog, I talk a little about influences on my first fantasy novel "Crosses and Runes" and places people can find it on the Internet.

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Crosses and Runes (Summersgate Chronicles Book 1)
Brian Triplett

You don't need a wooden stake to kill a vampire. Two bullets to the head work just as well.
Jonathan, a 155year old sorcerer, and his crack team of commandos from another dimension use spells, swords, and submachine guns to stop creatures of the night who are plotting to take over our world. As Jonathan and his comrades fight their way through two planes of existence, they discover the vampires have allied with both their ancient enemies: the dark elves and the infamous Morgan le...

Have You Read?
My Butterfly Cancer
Marguerite Madden

Cancer. It's one of the things we most dread to hear about ourselves or a family member. Many people will think it's the end of the line for them.
Mrs. Madden tells the story of her recent battle with leukemia (AML specifically), and the struggles that she and her family experienced during this tragic time.
Mrs. Madden will donate 20% of her proceeds from the sale of this book to cancer charities, her way of giving back to patients in desperate need.
Find out how her battle with...

How to Seduce a Queen: A Medieval Romance Novel
Stella Marie Alden

Year of our Lord 1283
In the light of the early dawn, Lady Fay traverses her parapet wall and waits with bow drawn taut. Only when she realizes the group of men who exit the Saxon rowboat are tonsured does she allow herself to breathe. She need not shoot another of King Alexander’s suitors. At least not today. With a wicked grin, she lets go the bowstring, and the arrow makes a perfect arc to land directly in front of the one in the lead. She isn’t so fond of priests, eithe...

Ogre's Lament: The Story of Don Luis
Stuart G. Yates

Spain, 1648. Fifteenyearold Luis is different than everyone else in the small, sweltering village of Riodelgado because he can read.
Targeted by the local toughs, who make his life a misery, Luis works tirelessly to provide for his ailing mother and young sister. Then, one day, a wandering soldier arrives to the village and everything changes.
People are murdered. Children disappear. The mayor blames an ogre, and the soldier has evidence of the hideous creature. He demands it be...

Squirrel Wars
Jane Finch

Care about the environment? Then your children should read this. The red squirrel is in danger and Rowan is on a mission to save his family from the cruel grey squirrels. There's a daring rescue mission, lots of fun with Nuthead the rabbit, and some wise instructions from the Owl. Take a journey into the world of the squirrel and be amazed.......

The Black Pathway
Mark C Sutton

In Howard Trenton's case, he may well be the first truly 'inhuman' serial killer to have ever walked the Earth...
The Black Pathway Trail is a thirty mile walk that starts in the dying coastal town of Coldsleet, and which crosses moorland, cuts through forest, and scales two mountain peaks. A hike along the Black Pathway can be highly dangerous at the best of times, but when a young, sadistic serial killer begins to prowl the trail, then that walk becomes absolutely deadly...