The Many Faces Of Sobriety by Harmony Rose

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Married under the Influence: A True Story
Harmony Rose

"As the wife of an alcoholic, author Harmony Rose searched for some validity to her emotions: she didn’t want to feel crazy anymore or continue to carry the shame and blame that came with her husband’s alcoholism.
In Married under the Influence, she shares her story of living year after year with a husband who is an alcoholic. With excerpts from her journal entries, Rose tells how all she ever wanted was to be loved by the man she had given her heart to, but she had no idea how to...

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When fate brings Kane Mitchell into Alex McBride’s life, her island paradise soon becomes an island hell. Someone is attempting to destroy everything she loves, but who, and why?
Alex has never run from anything, but that was before Kane Mitchell entered her life and Mulligan's Reach began to show its dark and sinister past.

Dinosaur and Monster and The Man in The Moon (Dinosaur and
Suzanne Pollen

Dinosaur and Monster and The Man in The Moon.
The 3rd in The Dinosaur and Monster stories. On noticing how big The Moon was one evening, the intrepid duo set out to see if they can reach The Moon. After some daft attempts by Monster it's Dino who has the cunning plan to use balloons and a chair and away they both go!!......

The Seasons of Our Love
Angela Gascoigne

Rosie, lost and broken, boards the first bus to anywhere. Her luggage comprises nothing more than her hair straighteners and a marmalade cat with attitude.
For Danny, reluctant manager of his late uncle’s sea front bar, living in Shrove is a far cry from his previous life in Spain and the ghosts he thought he’d left behind. When one day, a ravenhaired stranger bursts through the door, he suddenly realises there is a reason to stay – despite the hives and the problem down ...

Collapse: An Apocalyptic Horror Novel (Ferine Apocalypse Book 1)
John F Leonard

The sweeping sickness, a global pandemic.
Billions lie fallen, gripped by an unknown affliction.
Hope is all the few survivors have. Hope that the collapsed will recover and wake again.
But waking is when the real nightmare begins…
A mystery illness sweeps the globe. Swifter and more virulent than anything ever recorded, enfolding the earth like a savage hand snatching a child’s marble.
The City Flu in Britain.
The Sweeping Sickness in America.
Misnomers, semantics,...

Callista Hunter

Olivia is a sixteen-year-old Vestal Virgin, a happy devotee of her beloved goddess Vesta in her home nation of Parcae. But when her faith in Vesta is shaken, Olivia illegally experiments with her own divine power, making a discovery that could save her country from war if she's brave enough to share it.
After an accidental revelation proves Vesta is fake, Olivia and her fellow Virgins are tempted by a charismatic academy boy, Cassius, to invoke the real gods. Although they risk death if...