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Professor Finkel's Assignment: The Interactive Guide to The
Kimberly Loving Ross

This four week interactive guide compliments The Library
Room novel by bringing you into Loren's project and involving you in their
research. This guide can be worked individually or as a group. Discover what
they're learning as they're learning it. You'll be surprised at what you'll
find regardless of your religious background or ......

Have You Read?
Terrible Me
Elizabeth Cooper

The Emerald Thief holds your gaze, turning your thoughts into her own. There's no stopping the string of robberies that follow her. Until she meets Rebecca, a detective, someone with the same emerald green eyes as her. She can't understand why she's trying to help her and not just arresting her like she should. What are Rebecca's plans for Emerald Thief? Will she survive them?......

A Mortal Indiscretion; Author's Cut: A Vampire Novel
Barbra E. Ross

A Mortal Indiscretion; Author's Cut. A vampire novel that is not your everyday romance. Gripping, seductive and very addicting. Justin Bertolli lived as any 29 year old bachelor would live his life, until a chance encounter with a woman unlike any other. Ambra Taylor was everything he had ever envisioned the perfect woman to be. Young, charming and sensual. But there was something puzzling about Ambra. Justin had questions that he could not answer. Nothing could prepare Justin for what he...

Lifemates (Tales of Wild Space Book 1)

Wild Space Saga is a massive, sprawling webcomic trilogy by Brandon Hill, author of From Slate to Crimson and The World of Five Nations series, and cowriter and artist Terence “Pegasus” Elliot, weaving an epic tale of mankind’s struggle to survive in a farflung sector of space in the distant future, against impossible odds.
The universe of Wild Space Saga has many tales to tell, fraught with adventure, romance, and tragedy. Tales of Wild Space brings to light the untold tales of...

The Sickness Spreads: Zombie Zero: The Short Stories Vol. 1
J.K. Norry

As the world gasps its last breath...
Crystal's Cough has been getting steadily worse since she first felt it tickle the back of her throat. She had dreamed of going to Africa her whole life; now Crystal just hopes to survive the flight home.
Barbara's Trip can not end soon enough, in her opinion. She travels a lot for work to build a life and a future with her husband. While Barbara is busy making other plans, the sickness begins to spread.
Stan's Sniffles have kept him home from...

Moore Hollow
JD Byrne

Ben Potter’s life is a shambles. As a journalist he’s hit rock bottom, writing dreck about monsters and ghouls to make ends meet after a big story blew up in his face. As a son he’s a disappointment, unwilling to follow his father, grandfather, and great grandfather into the family business. As a father, he’s mostly just not there.
Now a new assignment could change all that. All he has to do is go from London to the hills of West Virginia to investigate the strangest of stories...