Day 19 #CampNaNoWriMo by Rose English

I only managed 500 words for Camp NaNo today as my story is at a very sad point. This is a little teaser for 'The Birth Of Grandfather Time' Historical/Fiction Fantasy with a poll at the end. Love if you could read & vote only 500 words Thank You

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One Breath ~ (A Short Story)
Rose English

The rainbow had vanished, swept away behind a great sweeping of grey clouds. The air was still fresh and fragrant from the afternoon April shower, when for a time the sun had peeked through cotton candy clouds. Dorothea magically produced a tiny retractable umbrella, from her coat pocket, just as the first drop of rain fell. Albert always marvelled at her ability to be prepared for any event, she was his beautiful and intelligent petite little Dotty. The rain started gently, in spits and...

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Storm Rider 1: Donovan Versus Cameron
K. C. Sprayberry

Storm Rider—one called to stand between warring factions and bring about peace, no matter the consequences.
Phillip Wermeer receives this reward for defending the honor of a scullery maid, murdered by an earl in the eighteenth century. He’s given a gift, to protect those who have been attacked without provocation, because they have come upon individuals who believe they’re above all laws.
His duty is to stop two families, the Donovans originally from England and the Camerons a...

Blood and Gold (Songs of Sorrow Book 1)
Ben Blake

Calesh Saissan is a captain of the Hand of the Lord, a military Order fighting in Tura d’Madai. But he has no faith in the God he seems to serve. The purpose of the Hand is to distract attention, so the AllChurch will not notice the heresy growing in its homeland of Sarténe.
Now word has reached Calesh that the charade has failed. The heresy has been revealed, and the AllChurch will turn its next Crusade west, into Sarténe. So Calesh comes home, back to the land he left eleven years...

The House on Schellberg Street
Gill James

Renate Edler loves to visit her grandmother in the house on Schellberg Street. She often meets up with her friend Hani Gödde who lives nearby. This year, though, it is not to be. Renate finds out a terrible secret about her family. She has to leave behind her home and her friends and become somebody she never thought she could be. The house on Schellberg Street needs to stay strong.
Will it and those who work in it be strong enough?Will Renate ever feel at home again?...

P.S. Winn

In the small town of Ashton Heights, the unthinkable has happened. A woman has been murdered and her teeth removed. As Sheriff Brady Jenkins and his small police force, investigate the gruesome murder, another victim shows up, her fingernails and then her fingers removed. Who is behind the bizarre killings and can they be stopped before more victims are found? This murder, mystery will keep you up at night long after you turn the last page.......

Secrets and Shadows of the Missing: Living Dreams 3
E.M.G. Wixley

The boarding school was a magical place, a museum of dreams, with its perfectly manicured playing fields, the ‘chocolate bar’ courtyard and the mysterious oak wood. However, unknown to the children, the purpose built Victorian building was built on the sight of a much older Tudor Mansion, which in its foundation, held captive many secrets and shadows.
Eleanor and her friends the twins William and Leo loved the endless summer days freely roaming the grounds. They explored a timeless...