Diario de un emprendedor frustrado by Javier Salazar Calle

Not long ago I started writing into LinkedIn a blog on entrepreneurship and business. I call it "Diary of a frustrated entrepreneur." In it I give useful advice based on my own experience or comment relevant economic news today from a critical and totally personal view. It's in Spanish.

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Ndura. Fils De La Forêt (French Edition)
Javier Salazar Calle

Dans Ndura. Fils de la forêt le protagoniste, de retour d’un safari photographique en Namibie, se voit plongé dans une situation inattendue de survie extrême dans la jungle d’Ituri, en République Démocratique du Congo, après que son avion ait été abattu par des rebelles. Un lieu où la Nature n’est pas le seul ennemi et où la survie n’est pas l’unique problème. Une aventure rappelant les classiques de la littérature, ce qui fait de ce livre l’outil parfait pour...

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Blood Ties: Language in the Blood Book 2
Angela Lockwood

Blood Ties (Language in the Blood Book 2)
By Angela Lockwood
Edited by Penny Hunter
After meeting his maker on the battlefields of the First World War, Cameron Blair has spent almost a century coming to terms with his new vampire identity. Along with a taste for human blood and lapdogs, he has acquired the linguistic skills of his victims and learned to survive in the shady underbellies of Europe’s great cities. The end of Language in the Blood sees Cameron facing a dilemma when...

Strongbow's Wife: The Normans in Ireland through the eyes of
Frank Parker

Do you have Irish ancestry? How much do you know about the act of treachery that gave rise to the centuries long conflict between Ireland and the English?
A century after the Norman conquest of England, the men entrusted with suppressing the Welsh were invited to bring peace to Ireland. The result was the opposite: the commencement of a tumultuous period in the relationship between England, Wales and Ireland that began 800 years of subjugation of the Irish by the English.
Little is...

Not Another Vampire Story

He was mouthwateringly handsome and suave, sweet and thoughtful, every bit perfect with dark hair and grinning eyes but none of it fooled eighthgrade Sylvia. It didn't take a pint of blood for her to know that her sister Julia's new boyfriend Terry was a vampire...
Of course, a trail of sparkling would have helped, but there was none. Full sunlight, garlic bread and functional in all the usual boyfriendmaterial capacities, it was difficult to detect at first, but yes, Terry was a...

Mysteries and Adventures
Arthur Conan Doyle

Originally published in Great Britain in 1890 by the Walter Scott Company, Mysteries and Adventures collected together seven of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's earliest fictional works. Three years later, two international editions were issued and these featured five additional stories. Conan Doyle was not to profit from any of these ventures as, in order to have the stories carried by popular journals of the day, he had signed over all rights to their owners. Prior to their appearance in book...

Christa Polkinhorn

The FAMILY PORTRAIT trilogy follows the lives of two artists—Karla, a painter, and Andreas, a their families as they try to keep the flame of love and creativity alive through turbulent times. The story takes place in Switzerland, Italy, the United States, and Peru with a short excursion to France.
AN UNCOMMON FAMILY, Book 1: Three people with a troubled past meet in Zurich, Switzerland. Sixyearold Karla longs for her dead mother. Anna struggles with her former husband’s deception,...