Derrick R. Bickley, Author by Derrick R. Bickley

The blog of Derrick R. Bickley, author of crime thriller THE HIT-AND-RUN MAN, available as an ebook on Amazon Kindle. Find some background to the novel, other literary comment and whatever the future holds.

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The Hit-and-Run Man
Derrick R Bickley

It's the start of the nineties, Margaret Thatcher is Prime Minister and IRA bombs threaten mainland Britain. But for Howard Greenfield life is good: a beautiful wife, a daughter he dotes on, a successful Sales Executive in a leading London advertising agency. Until a meeting of eyes across a crowded airport lounge sucks him into the world of the stunningly beautiful Julie. A reckless, stolen night of passion in the summer Spanish heat threatens to blow his life apart.
Months later...

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place
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