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Dragon Guardian: Fire
Aida Jacobs

Primordya was once a world of peace where man, dwarf and elf lived in harmony while aligning themselves against their common enemythe dark elves.
But such a balance could not last forever.
Having enslaved the dwarves, the dark elvesled by their queen, Nahgahave now turned their ambitious gaze to the surface world. The realm of man was the first to fall, and the realm of the elves hangs on by a mere thread.
Unwillingly thrust into a war that was centuries in the making, Princess...

Have You Read?
Longing in Louisiana (At the Altar Book 8)
Kirsten Osbourne

Michelle Strempel firmly believes that she isn’t worthy of being loved. After her fiancé of almost three years tells her he’s got to break off their engagement, she decides to take matters into her own hands. With all the hours she’s spent planning a wedding, she’s going to have one on the day she’s planned. So she contacts Dr. Lachele Simpson from Matchrimony.
Seth Henderson has no time to find a bride, but when he sees how happy his best friend, Daniel Axford, is with his new...

The Star Realm (The Avalon Trilogy Book 1)
Julie Elizabeth Powell

What would you do if you were called to another world…a world filled with seemingly impossible things?
Faced with this choice, Davie, Ben, Anne, Chrissie and Billy embark upon a mysterious quest, finding themselves transported to the spectacular and extraordinary world of Avalon, whereupon they are catapulted into one of the uncountable heptagonal pieces that make up the magical sphere of the Orb of Caprice…namely, the Star Realm.
Follow the exploits of the five and champion their...

The Paladin
James Terry

A supernatural tale of murder and international intrigue. Filled with subtle humour and cryptic clues.
The Paladin, a veritable superman, works covertly with the aid of a gentle giant with fists like pile drivers, to foil a plot to establish a new world order.
Oh, and did I mention, a search for the Philosopher's Stone? The secret to eternal life is revealed at last.
Dog lovers will enjoy meeting Sara, a golden retriever with a quick wit that isn't afraid to tell Superintendent...

Take Me to the Sea: SELECTED POEMS 1991-2001
Mois Benarroch

A collection of poems of the last decade, including translations from Hebrew and Spanish as well as poems written in English from award wining Israeli poet Mois Benarroch.
Between Lightning and Thunder

The Case Of The Tattooed Buttocks: An Inspector Cullot Mystery
Alan Hardy

Following the murder of a sexy, blonde bombshell (and, soon after, the bloody, gruesome, shocking murder of yet another sexy broad), exInspector Cullot is called in to team up with his old sidekick, Detective Sergeant Watkins, to investigate the baffling crime. Together they set about solving the mysterious deaths at Bounderdales, the opulent mansion of the oil magnate, Henry Barble. A small group of the rich, decadent, sophisticated and...