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Have You Read?
Forgotten Roots
Richard Whitten Barnes

It is 1801 when two lives begin a journey that will intersect thirteen years later at the explosive conclusion of America’s war with Britain.
A young bride sets out from Scotland to a Canadian fur trading outpost only to find her life entwined with an intriguing Voyageur. A runaway thug from the streets of Baltimore finds himself in the Ohio Militia, bound for a final showdown with the British in Northern Canada.
The tragic conclusion two hundred years in the past becomes a mystery...

Elizabeth Horton-Newton

Seven years ago Kort Eriksen went to prison for killing his girlfriend Desiree. Now he’s back in Riddle and some people think he got off easy. Others, including long time friend Norma, think he was railroaded because he’s the only Native American in town. Grace Donahue is running away from her past. Trapped in Riddle until her car is repaired she develops a friendship with Kort. Suddenly accidents are happening and people are dying. Is Kort adding to his list of victim’s or has someone...

Spawn of Evil
D. B. Silvis

"Did you just kill me, mother?"
The book melds WWII Nazi history, murder, sex and extreme serial killer violence into a thrilling novel. Not recommended for those under eighteen years old.
While with their parents, who were serving as SS Nazi guards at Auschwitz, six boys with psychological behavior patterns, were selected for a special educational class. Their teacher, who is a Nazi officer, instructs them in the new beliefs of...

Emma's Equilibrium
A Wadh

As a child, Emma develops a talent for equestrian sport. She follows her passion and moves from England to Canada to compete at the highest level. Over time though, her great success pales into insignificance next to the overwhelming suffering that she comes to experience in the most brutal forms of betrayal, rape and violence until eventually, when the opportunity arises, she moves to Belgium with her husband, in the hope of a new start.
For a while, normality is restored. Everything...

The Smoke of Her Burning (An Uncivil War Book 4)
M J Logue

"I hope there's a good explanation for this, Colonel Babbitt," Fairfax said, with a sigh.
"No," said Hollie honestly, "but there is an explanation."
There's a lot of miles between Essex and Cheshire....
...and newlypromoted Colonel Hollie Babbitt is cursing the most recent additions to his company, for every step of them.
A scarred lieutenant with a death wish, and they don't call him Hapless for nothing.
Captain Drew Venning. And his dog.
Captain Penitence Chedglow,...