The Anniversary of my Inspiration by Tom Goymour

Four years ago my local football team, Peterborough United won a play-off final to win promotion. it was a big day for sports fans and the match was live on TV. That same night my son, then 18, came home in the early hours and reckoned he'd seen a ghost under the Botolph bridge which is to the south west of the city centre on the outskirts of Woodston. The Oundle road leads out of Peterborough to the west and that was the route my son was walking home in those early hours to our house in Orton some two miles further away. To settle my little ones later that evening I found myself pouring out this adventure story more or less off the top of my head. It combined these two recent events.

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I'll Be There For The Replay
Tom Goymour

Just an ordinary family . . a mother with a talent.
A ghostly but spiritually uplifting tale for Christmas time that will touch your emotions and make you think!
'Suddenly, she remembered hearing it, someone else playing it years ago! As she played on into the melancholy passages of the Chorale section it was as if someone was there with her, watching over her, reassuring her that everything would be all right.'
Sometimes in life strange things happen, and when they do it's...

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