Rain on a Summer's Afternoon by Virginia McClain

Where writing meets the misadventures of a 30 something backpacker stuck in a mid-sized city...

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Blade's Edge
Virginia McClain

The Kisōshi, elite warriors with elemental powers, have served as the rulers and protectors of the people of Gensokai for more than a thousand years. Though it is believed throughout Gensokai that there is no such thing as a female Kisōshi, the Rōjū ruling council goes to great lengths to ensure that no one dares ask why.
Even as young girls, Mishi and Taka know that they risk severe punishment or worse if anyone were to discover their powers. This shared secret forms a deep bond...

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Pretty Ugly
Sean Hillen

Cosmetics create beauty, but when that turns ugly, it’s lethal.
A thrilling, intriguing ride through the murky undercurrent of corporate and political machinations bridging the complex worlds of medicine, media and modeling, in both the United States and Ireland.
What physical horrors can rogue nanoparticles, a thousandth time smaller than a human cell, create when they flood through your body contained within a simple cosmetic? Facing the terrible truth, an unlikely trio – Colm...

The Fourth Age Shadow Wars: Assassins (The Fourth Age: Shadow
David Pauly

From the ashes of the Great War, Men, Elves, and Dwarves struggle to rebuild their societies in the land of Nostraterra. Secret factions in each race risk plunging Nostraterra into open warfare by threatening the life of Alfrahil crown Prince of Eldora. As fire arrows hiss down within the city walls, a desperate Alfrahil rides for his life to escape assassination. Who is plotting to kill him and why?
Suspicion falls heavily on Alfrahil’s brother Prince Daerahil who craves the kingship,...

Desert Rising
Kelley Grant

"It frightens me, knowing the One has called up two such strong individuals. It means that there are troubled times in our future, and you must prepare yourselves."
The Temple at Illian is the crown jewel of life in the Northern Territory. There, pledges are paired with feli, the giant sacred cats of the One god, and are instructed to serve the One's four capricious deities. Yet Sulis, a young woman from the Southern Desert, has a different perspective one that just might be considered...

A Familiar Problem: A Paranormal Romantic Comedy (Northern
Sharon Karaa

Product Description
Natalia Stokes is a loner, a demon loner with some strange ideas about life and, well, death. Banished from Hell for being a trouble maker, would you believe, Natalia is condemned to walk the earth with no one to communicate with. You’d think that wouldn’t bother her but even loners get lonely.
Everything changes when a chance meeting brings her to Lauren, a witch in trouble, and she sticks around long enough to help her in the guise of her familiar. The...

Penelope Rose, What do you want to do today?

A children's book asking what a child wants to do today.......