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Demons & Angels (Walking Between Worlds, Book I)
J. K. Norry

Meet the unsung heroes of the supernatural...

Have You Read?
The Lost Tales (The Peers of Beinan)
Laurel A. Rockefeller

Deleted and forgotten stories, songs, and tales from the Legacy of Princess Anlei Trilogy: The Great Succession Crisis, The Ghosts of the Past, and Princess Anyu Returns. Presented uncut and unedited in their original forms, these stories not only entertain, but offer a unique window into the world building process.

The Observers
C. R. Downing

From C. R. of the Best Science Fiction Novel for 2014 in the USA Best Book Awards with Traveler's HOT L.Over uncounted millennia, telepathic Glieseians have assumed the roles of observers, investigators, and interventionists, helping determine the developmental pathways taken by inhabitants of other planets in the Milky Way. With mollusklike bodies and frail arms that move on lubricated, muscular feet, their brains account for nearly sixty percent of their body weight, As Observers, Mxpan...

The Essence
Sandi Baughman

A mystery writer battling a bad case of writer’s block encounters some bizarre and unexplainable occurrences on the last city of his book signing tour. The hardboiled detective, from the writer’s mystery novels, appears from the pages of the writer’s latest book to help him make sense of these strange occurrences that seem to stem from an unsolved coldcase mystery.......

Ascension - Part 1 (Chronicles of the Twenty-One Butterflies
Chris Seabranch

Buckeye travels west of Gallows Sound to search for a lost family member. However, during her travels, she finds out that she has most worrying heritage that links her to a person she despises. At the same time, one of her crewmembers is captured by a feared organization of slave traders and Buckeye is forced to not only save her friend but also an old enemy. If she fails, not only the TwentyOne Butterflies will suffer for it, but everyone else as well.
Ascension part 1 is the fourth book...

Quandary (An Ominous Book series, book 6)
Nancy Foster

The Grey Clan seems to be adjusting very well in the Elf Kingdom. Whereas Tioja is living a sheltered life under the care of Niera in a remote temple, Lord Damantin is relishing his new life as Spaulding's most trusted guard. However, not everything meets the eye.
Little does everyone know, Damantin fathered a son in utter secrecy named Neimar who is eager to meet the king he was born to serve and protect.
When Damantin is presumed deceased after he protected Spaulding from a failed...