Author In Progress by Mark Aberdeen

Mark Aberdeen blogs about the trial and errors of becoming an author. He writes about lessons learned, missteps and occasional victories as he navigates a world he knows nothing about. One day he hopes the light bulb will illuminate, the fire will light, the pudding will set, the soufflé will rise, etc. and you can follow along on his deluded path toward literary domination armed with bug-nuts crazy stories. It's sure to be a train wreck. You don't want to miss it.

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Dex Territory (Dex Territory Series Book 1)
Mark Aberdeen

Detective Rick O’Shea is an ordinary cop in an extraordinary world of superheroes and supervillains, most of whom are out to kill him, and a few who only want to love him. His job is to keep them from killing each other, made more difficult by a serial killer known as the Reaper. When a riot between superpowers breaks out, and half the downtown area is in ruins, Rick must untangle a web of lies and betrayals, team up with his archenemy, and uncover the true mastermind of the violence...

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There's Always Adventures in Love (The Jade Mysteries Book 2)
Joycie Russ

After Jade and Jasper solved the mystery of her mother’s murder, they thought that was all behind them. Jade is trying to get back to her normal life and feels like she has uncovered enough family secrets. But when little Casey is kidnapped and security issues arise within the family company; Jade is drawn back into the chaos. While trying to avoid getting involved with a friend’s search for Karen, Jade and Jasper find themselves caught up in another mystery not only involving murder,...

Protector: The Final Adventure (Siam Storm Book 4)
Robert A Webster

The hilarious adventure continues in, Protector, the fourth book of the Siam Storm Series…
Spock furrowed his brow while looking at his annoying mate. “Come on then buggerlugs, what’s the book about?”
Stu tapped his fingers on the closed laptop looking smug.
“Well, is it a twisty turny thought provoking thriller like James Patterson or John Grisham?”
Stu puckered his brow and squinted, “Nah, not exactly,” he said and grinned.
Spock looking miffed and sounded...

Family Sailaway (Sailaway Trilogy Book 2)
Derek Curzon

Family Sailaway is the second in the Sailaway Trilogy and starts six months after the original book, Surprise Sailaway.
In the story, the second in the Sailaway Trilogy, Megan attracts much attention from fellow passengers, including a married man travelling with his wife and a younger, shy man who lives in the shadow of his more confident brother. Who will win Megan’s affections? How do other families get entangled in their story? This is a tale of family relationships, friendships,...

Death Wish
Linda Huber

A psychological suspense novel you won't be able to put Lies. Murder.
When Leo decides to go into business with his motherinlaw he soon realises his mistake. Eleanor is the motherinlaw from hell and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Her daughter, Ashley, has her own reasons for hating her mother. The atmosphere is toxic and old wounds refuse to heal. 
Next door, eightyearold Joya has a difficult life.
Her parents argue constantly and her grandmother, who lives with...

A Wounded Psychotherapist: Albert Ellis's childhood and the
Dr Jim Byrne

A new book on the childhood of Albert Ellis and the impact of his suffering on the shape of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT).
‘A Wounded psychotherapist’ is the latest book by Dr Jim Byrne. It is an analysis of both the childhood of Dr Albert Ellis (the creator of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy [REBT]), and how some of those childhood experiences most likely gave rise to certain features of his later philosophy of psychotherapy.
If you have ever wondered what the...