Author In Progress by Mark Aberdeen

Mark Aberdeen blogs about the trial and errors of becoming an author. He writes about lessons learned, missteps and occasional victories as he navigates a world he knows nothing about. One day he hopes the light bulb will illuminate, the fire will light, the pudding will set, the soufflé will rise, etc. and you can follow along on his deluded path toward literary domination armed with bug-nuts crazy stories. It's sure to be a train wreck. You don't want to miss it.

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Dex Territory (Dex Territory Series Book 1)
Mark Aberdeen

Detective Rick O’Shea is an ordinary cop in an extraordinary world of superheroes and supervillains, most of whom are out to kill him, and a few who only want to love him. His job is to keep them from killing each other, made more difficult by a serial killer known as the Reaper. When a riot between superpowers breaks out, and half the downtown area is in ruins, Rick must untangle a web of lies and betrayals, team up with his archenemy, and uncover the true mastermind of the violence...

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Jaeme Haviland

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The Meagan Phenomenon
Maurice Hardy

When Weather Bureau scientists confirmed a massive ‘super storm’ was forming off Tasmania’s west coast, Bureau of Meteorology Field Operations Manager, Meagan McKenzie was sent to the far north western district to coordinate the event.
As her parent’s farm was ideally situated in the area, Meagan decided to set up her base there. Conveniently, this coincided with a welcome home party organised for Brendon, on leave from the army. Arriving two days earlier than predicted, the...

Out-Of-Mind Experiences: Thirteen Tales
Lori R. Lopez

Ever heard the expression don't judge a book by its cover? Well, here's one you can. The cover art (by the author) conveys a fine line between "mad" and "madness". This diverse collection merges an array of genres such as horror and humor, modern and mythic, historic and supernatural. Sometimes gripping, often quirky, these tales are always inventive and thoughtinducing. Journey through a broad spectrum of fictional adventures from angry cows to psychotic pets, through portals of terror...

Annie Acorn's 2013 Christmas Treasury (Annie Acorn's Christmas

Where can you find all of the scents and sounds and joys of Christmas? Where do little girls come of age, old women bring joy, and angels watch over us? Where do the things that matter take precedence over worldly concerns? Within the carefully crafted stories gathered for your enjoyment in Annie Acorn’s 2013 Christmas Treasury, a Christmas anthology!
With their words, the founding members of From Women’s Pens, a cooperative of awardwinning contemporary women writers, have brought...

Eric J. Gates

Ancient secrets from forgotten times are unleashing devastating powers.
Against a backdrop of everincreasing International tension and global disasters,
a middleaged, suicidal, exSpecial Forces soldier, with nothing to lose, teams up with the young daughter of an MIT Robotics Engineer.
As the US and China are on the brink of war, they race to prevent the End of the World!
A fastpaced tale with an ending you won't forget!
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