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Writing about life in these United States

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Southern Fried Fiction: How The Insidious Onset Of Depression
Stuart Hotchkiss

Stuart Hotchkiss is at the end of his rope. Underemployment, bankruptcy, and a looming third divorce have worn him down. His mother has died. He’s estranged from his own son. Death seems like a release.
The son of a once great Southern family, Hotchkiss spent his early life struggling to escape familial expectations and secrets. He paid for his own education and eventually secured a position as president of a national media conglomerate, only to resign a year later and bring senseless...

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Alan Hardy

It is 1914. Dr Joseph Aymon returns to his youthful haunts in Transylvania where he used to accompany the famous vampirekiller, Professor Van Helting, on his vampire hunts. In a world fast throwing off the superstitious clutches of medieval terrors and mythical monsters, Joseph is on a personal quest to prove the existence of vampires. The new sciences, with their cold exploration of the demons which lurk in the recesses of the mind, have mercilessly...

Hell Above Me (The Vicheu Chronicles Book 1)
Autumn Warren

When everyone has the ability to influence matter and know every thought, it becomes very difficult to keep people under control. As the most powerful child among a destructive race of telepathics and telekinetics, there are those who would use Nikolas's power for their own ends. Can Nikolas keep his family safe from the wrath of those who seek his power? Or will his own power destroy them?......

The Tow Rope and Other Stories: The Troubled People Series
Stephen Jay

Five stories about troubled people, all very different. A highly strung worker in a DIY store, a suicidal man who doesn't like sex, a doctor who enjoys hurting people, and two others. Read how life's events affects or even solves their problems.......

I for one welcome our new computer overlords: a short story
Robert Elessar

Peter Lunsford, a lonely, bookloving, selfeducated and selfdestructive salesman, has an abrupt and radical change of fortune. His subsequent actions lead a genius named Darrell White, enabled and inspired by Peter’s choices, to create the world’s first artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, this happens at a time when humanity has devastated itself with global war, and is unprepared to accept the existence of these new and superior minds. These facts will combine to create a future...

Be Proud of Who You Are
Tania Giguere

Allen is a small green frog, that feels he has no place in this world, that he just a frog.
But on his adventures, Allen discovers just how needed he really is. Just how important all things are in life.......