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All's Well Here (Life's Outtakes Year 2) 52 Humorous and
Daris Howard

Humorous, Inspirational Short Stories!
52 humorous and inspirational short stories, one for each week of the year. These stories are taken from the popular column, Life's Outtakes. From All's Well, a story of a community pulling together to help a family in need, to the humor of a practical joke gone awry in The April Fool's Joke these stories will keep you laughing or help you think more deeply about what matters most. The story list is:
The Ten Speed Bike Teaching Children How...

From Filth & Mud
J. Manuel

What happens when a scientist decides to play God? What happens when a megalomaniac CEO attempts to control that which can't be? What happens when Jacob, a recently retired Marine, is pushed to the brink? Well, action that's what, and it threatens to tear Jacob's world apart, and perhaps everyone else's, too.
Meanwhile thousands of miles away in sunny Silicon Valley, a young research scientist toils, and suddenly after a myriad of failures, eureka! Dr. Emmanuel MonteAlban has created a...

How Do Private Eyes Do That?: Second Edition, Revised and
Colleen Collins

"Reallife private investigator Colleen Collins spills the beans." ~The Thrilling Detective
This second edition of "How Do Private Eyes Do That?" is a compilation of new and updated articles written by a reallife PI. Although some topics are specific to legalities in the United States, other topics are useful worldwide, such as the history of PIs; an investigator's equipment and online techniques; conducting surveillances; how PIs work with cold crime scenes; case studies; writing tips for...

My Lady Olives: Maiden of Migraines (The Olisbeth Mason
Mandy Oviatt

Olisbeth Mason is an Army Brat and a young genius. At 19 years old, she is a junior in college. You would think she has everything going for her, except for the fact that she has had insufferable migraine headaches since she turned twelve.
Now that she is on her own, she's finally found a group of friends that understand her: her roommate Phoebe, her boyfriend (and Phoebe's twin brother) Arthur, and her landlady Marissa.
Through her friends, Olisbeth discovers she can send her...

I'll Be There For The Replay
Tom Goymour

Just an ordinary family . . a mother with a talent.
A ghostly but spiritually uplifting tale for Christmas time that will touch your emotions and make you think!
'Suddenly, she remembered hearing it, someone else playing it years ago! As she played on into the melancholy passages of the Chorale section it was as if someone was there with her, watching over her, reassuring her that everything would be all right.'
Sometimes in life strange things happen, and when they do it's...