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Have You Read?
Big Brother
Tracey Morait

When his dad leaves for a job in New York Ash is left to cope with his drugaddicted, alcoholic mother Rhonda, who decides to move away from the life she hates in Bristol to her home town of Liverpool, taking Ash away from his school, his mates and his gran. Not only does Ash have problems at home with a harassing, demanding mother, he becomes the easy target of a gang of bullies at his new school, the Jessop crew, because he talks with a different accent and wears a hearing aid.
Then one...

Neighbors Series Box Set (Books 1-3)
Frances Hoelsema

This box set includes all three books in Frances Hoelsema's Neighbors Series: Growing Up Neighbors, Next Door Neighbors and Long Lost Neighbors. Each novel revolves around falling in love with the boy next door.
Little Deborah Harrington stared across the street the day the Michaels family moved in. Who was this family? Would she even like them?
Nicholas Michaels hated the fact he had to move away from everything and everyone in his life, but his feelings...

Orbs of Trenihgea : Science Fantasy Romance (Rites of Heirdron

They poisoned his planet, massacred his people, and violated his mother.
Then, they came for him.
After an interplanetary betrayal decimated his world, Zrahnz struggled to protect his people and reclaim his legitimacy as their ruler.
Now, he has received the Rites of Heirdron and vows to defend the Triax planets torn asunder by a corrupt galactic council, and the "shadow whisperers" who've manipulated them all.
With the aid of First Commander Lezayen and his QuNytwanian fleet,...

A Gallery For Nick
Gill James

Nick is dying. Barney spends much of his time keeping him company, helping him to lead an almost normal life and sharing his carefully guarded secret. The two boys often go down to the old harbour, to look at the boats and take photographs.
Barney finds it hard watching his friend getting weaker and weaker. And then there are the other problems. He worries about his relationship with his first real girlfriend. He worries about his schoolwork.. He is under pressure to perform well as a...

You walk on the land until one day the land walks on you
Mois Benarroch

Benarroch Touches the themes of immigration, the confrontation with a new country, discrimination against minorities, love, the family, poetry, poets and life in general.
Mois Benarroch was born in Tetuan/Morroco and lives in Jerusalem. He writes poetry and novels. His books have been published in Israel, Spain, U.S.A and Portugal. His works have been translated to 15 languages. He was awarded the Prime Minister prize for writers in 2008, and the Yehuda Amichai poetry prize in ...