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Holiday Magic

Holiday Magic
The World Romance Writers wish you joy and love this holiday season with a collection of heartwarming romances filled with Holiday Magic. This anthology features stories, from far and wide, includes contemporary and historical romance, futuristic time travel romance, and romance touched with magic by AwardWinning and MultiPublished Authors: Rose Anderson, Lynn Crain, Gemma Juliana, Cara Marsi, and Jenny Twist.
Come enjoy the many flavors and flavours of our English...

Whither Thou Goest (The Graham Saga Book 7)
Anna Belfrage

In their rural home in the Colony of Maryland, Matthew and Alex Graham are still recovering from the awful events of the previous years when Luke Graham, Matthew’s estranged brother, asks them for a favour.
Alex has no problems whatsoever ignoring Luke’s sad plea for help. In her opinion Matthew’s brother is an evil excuse of a man who deserves whatever nasty stuff fate throws at him. Except, as Matthew points out, Luke is begging them to save his son – his misled Charlie, one of...

Curse Breaker: Enchanted [The More Epic Version]
Melinda Kucsera

In a country where magic is illegal, an untrained mage is their only hope.
Start No Fires
Carry No Weapons
Do No Harm
Those three rules safeguarded countless generations of travelers through the enchanted forest—until they didn’t. One boy’s murder ripped open a gateway allowing evil to enter. Now, no one is safe from corruption.
Enchanted trees abduct Sarn and take him to where the forest failed to uphold its rules. Seeing a dead child gifted with the same magic as his...

The Legend of Sithalkaan
J. N. de Bedout

The feudal strife of the Sengoku Jidai has soaked Japan in blood. Despite the perils, an ambitious young musketeer is chosen to guide a group of Jesuit priests deep into the Japanese hinterlands in search of an ancient and terrifying artifact. Alas, they are not the only ones pursuing it. A fanatical enemy willing to devastate the country in its wake has already launched its own campaign to seize it.
Villages vanish beneath the marching feet of bloodthirsty marauders.
Cauldrons of...

The Covered
Alexis Nicole White

Alexis is like most women; part of the way she viewed success was to be loved while being in-love in a healthy, growing and satisfying relationship. However, after experiencing disappointments both professionally and personally, Alexis is forced to look at her life and redefine what it means to have love, happiness and success.