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Have You Read?
A Rock Star Reader By Kindergarten
Lorraine Carey

What if you had the knowledge to some of the best tips and tricks from a veteran children’s reading specialist that will enable you to turn your child into a superstar reader?
Make kindergarten a successful experience for your child! Inside ‘A Rock star Reader by Kindergarten’ you will find easy, DIY tips and secrets to teach your preschooler how to be a successful reader and a lifelong lover of literacy. Yes, I am revealing tried and tested techniques that have transformed...

On Mars: Pathfinder (The Mike Lane Stories Book 1)
Jim Melanson

The Corporation planned to send a full colony crew to Mars. Before they would be allowed to do this, they had to prove that humans could indeed survive on Mars. Sent to the red planet alone, on a proof of concept mission, we meet our everyday man: Mike Lane. His plan is to live on Mars alone for six years, until the first full colony team is sent.
He is overjoyed when he arrives safely. But joy soon turns to catastrophe. Six minutes after his landing craft arrives on Mars, it explodes....

In This Life: Book 1 of the Past Life Series
Terri Herman-Poncé

Psychologist Lottie Morgan discovers she has a mysterious past life...and an even more mysterious past lover who holds secrets that could cost her life. Again.

The Photograph
Grant Leishman

When Tony Logan discovers an undeveloped roll of film from the 1970's, he is excited to see what it contains.
One photograph, in particular, will send Tony and his siblings on a desperate search for what really happened to their parents. From the 1300's until the present day, Tony will discover their family has been cursed.
Was their mother truly dead? Their search for answers will envelop them in magic, witchcraft, the underworld and supernatural happenings.
A pageturner that...

8 Notes to a Nobody (The Bird Face Series Book 1)
Cynthia T. Toney

"Funny how you can live your days as a clueless little kid, believing you look just fine … until someone knocks you in the heart with it."
Wendy Robichaud doesn't care one bit about being popular like goodlooking classmates Tookie and the Sticks—until Brainiac bully JohnMonster schemes against her, and someone leaves anonymous stickynote messages all over school. Even her best friend, Jennifer, is hiding something and pulling away. But the spring program, abandoned puppies, and high...