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Have You Read?
The Demon Magician
Alex Dunn

We’ve all made a wish we’ve regretted, but what if you’ve asked an archdemon like Belphegor to grant it?
When Ella agrees to help fellow student Jonathan Trent with his audition into a mysterious magic, she never thought she’d fall in love with him. Nor did she ever conceived the three freakish judges named Hellmouth, Brimstone and Blackheart were actual demons, sent by Belphegor to recruit Jonathan.
Seduced by the lure of riches, his own Vegas show and not having to care for...

Dating Daniel (The Cloverleaf Series Book 4)
Gloria Herrmann

Daniel O’Brien wants what all his siblings have found…love.
Everyone in the O’Brien family has found their someone. That is, everyone except funloving Daniel. The last single O’Brien wants nothing more than to find the right girl, settle down, and start a family. After all, his siblings make the happily ever after thing look pretty appealing. Finding the right girl isn’t as easy as it sounds, though. At least, not in Birch Valley.
Hannah Belsky has come to terms that...

Good to the Last Drop (Love at First Bite Book 4)
Declan Finn

The final war is about to begin, in this conclusion to the Dragon Award Nominated series

Merle Kraft, Marco Catalano and Amanda Colt have battled against the mythical Council, a supernatural conspiracy that monsters fear. This war has brought them up against vampires, minions, and demons from Hell.. Along the way, they have accumulated allies among the police, the military, the mafia, college students, lowly street gangs, and even other vampires.

Marco and Amanda have...

Elusive (Vampirica Book 2)
Aria Sparke

Lily Winter flees from Tarek, the vampiric leader of the Ruberios, and the terrifying Berisha clan while mourning her young friend’s death. Although desperately missing Flynn, she flies alone across the world to an uncertain future. A shocking surprise awaits her in Australia, spinning her belief and trust into chaos. Will her blossoming romance with gorgeous Flynn ramp to a new level? Or will she fall under the glamour of the hot and irresistible Tarek? Follow Lily as she races to develop...

The Forgotten Age: Book 1, Rise of the Druids
Wayne M Sefton

History. A record, not always accurate as it was often written by the victor, of the events that led up to the here and now.
But there is another history, a history forgotten by the historians of the race of Man, one that is remembered by those who themselves exist only in myth and folklore. A history from the dawn of this world when Man walked with Elves and Dwarfs, from before the great sleep that saw the Dinosaurs thrive and die. A history from the time of magic. But that was long ago...