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Paradise Exhumed (Ray Hammett Thrillers Book 1)
Ian Thompson

Two reporters. A relentless killer. A desperate race to stop the slaughter.
From FiveStar Reviews:
“...a thriller... you can’t stop reading”
“I went back to Sherlock Holmes, this was awesome”
“The mystery combined with the action and murder made it something I couldn’t resist”
“...characters were interesting and real... full of twists and turns”
“...a fantastic whodunit thriller... Highly recommended”
“...an absolutely awesome, intense...

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Of Foreign Build: From Corporate Girl to Sea-Gypsy Woman
Jackie Parry

After suffering an emotionallybrutal bereavement and against her counsellor’s advice, Jackie ran away. Suddenly within a new culture, with a new husband, and no friends, she was living in the obscure world of cruising with zero knowledge of boats.
Crashing within the first twentyfour hours, Jackie realised life would never be the same again; a floating home with no fridge or hot water, and with a dinghy instead of a car. Suffering self doubts, she became fearful of her new world.

The Helavite War (The Star Traveler Series Book 1)
Theresa Snyder

Love character driven scifi? Join Jake and Arr on their adventures.
The Helavite War is book 1 of the Star Traveler Adventures
“The Helavite War takes me back to when I first read the early science fiction works of Heinlein, Asimov, etc. There is a sense of boldness, innocence and the essential goodness of mankind, wrapped up in a universe that is bigger than we know now and yet navigable by humans.” – JKMohr
“Characters stay true and are well developed, great scene...

The Ultimate State
Anton Morse

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Is That a Fact?
Sheraz Ahmed

Anthology of Poetry.
Unlike my last anthology which was about rain, this collection of poetry has got broader subjects and I have presented its name by using the word “Fact”. We all think that this word represents the truth but indeed this word “Fact” itself indicates a matter which is under research or discussion for which we have to draw a conclusion whether it is true or not.

Vanished Tales: A Salty Tails Romantic Mystery #2 (Salty Tails
Richard Stephens

Salty Tails is back! And he’s as sarcastic and hungry as ever, in book 2 of his CozyMystery series...
At the ripe young age of twentythree, Stormy McGuire found the love of his life in the beautiful, redheaded eighteenyearold Denise O’Brien the daughter of a respected federal judge. Two days after accepting his marriage proposal, she vanished leaving Stormy devastated. Nineteen years later, an older wiser Stormy has a new love in his life the gorgeous perky Monica Sanchez and her...