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Paradise Exhumed (Ray Hammett Thrillers Book 1)
Ian Thompson

Two reporters. A relentless killer. A desperate race to stop the slaughter.
From FiveStar Reviews:
“...a thriller... you can’t stop reading”
“I went back to Sherlock Holmes, this was awesome”
“The mystery combined with the action and murder made it something I couldn’t resist”
“...characters were interesting and real... full of twists and turns”
“...a fantastic whodunit thriller... Highly recommended”
“...an absolutely awesome, intense...

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The Phoenix Prince (Royal Blood Book 1)
Kristen Gupton

Ascending to the throne after his father’s death should have been easy for the young vampire Keiran Sipesh.
It wasn’t.
As a vampire, Keiran realizes there are no tales of his ilk governing with compassion, and he wishes to be the exception to that rule. He continues his lifelong abstinence from human blood, believing it to be the only way to retain his humanity. Unfortunately, this selfimposed starvation leaves him in a state of vulnerability and weakness.
There are those who...

Revenge and Chameli Gonzales
Ken Coleman

When a gang of savage outlaws led by one of the worst killers in the west, Jim Singer, brutally, torture and kill the parents of an even worse killer than they are, then rape and defile his 12 year old sister, leaving her to die a slow painful death, there is nowhere for them to hide as Andrew Hanson, doggedly hunts them down one by one. His determination to inflict the cruellest torture on each and every one of them for the way they butchered his family, before killing them in the most...

A Retreating Tide: The Mirror of Shadows Trilogy
Rebecca Ann Whitworth

Nathan wants to escape his past, Alicia wants to remember hers... The Shadows are rising
Alicia Parson has no memory of who she was before she was found alone and unconscious on a beach
in North Wales by Wulfric Stansfield.
A year later, and still struggling to remember her past, whilst living with Wulfric on his family's farm, she is confronted by a strange and fiery woman by the name of Cassandra, who claims to have known her in the past and warns her that the old danger that...

Prince of Fire (The Arzulian Kingdoms Book 1)
Zara Steen

Samira and Salha Khan, sisters living in modern Halifax, Nova Scotia, awake one day as slaves. Trapped in Arzule, an alternate world they've somehow been transported to, they struggle to make sense of their lives. When Samira is unexpectedly whisked away by an Akorian Prince, Arkson it seems as though their luck has gone even further astray. Samira finds herself drawn to this handsome prince, but cannot seem to decipher his intentions. He is a prince of many secrets, and Samira has secretive...

Bovine Bloodbath: The Herd Shot Round the World
Chris Lowry

Carver and Dawes, the inept duo that saved the world from invading aliens in Super Secret Space Mission are back at it and this time, the steaks are even higher.
The Herd Shot Round the World is book 1 in a 13 episode arc that spans this summer. Each new book will be released on a Tuesday packed with action, laughs and enough insults to offend even the most hardened soul.
If you grabbed a copy of Super Secret Space Mission off Instafreebie and thought the dumb dynamic duo were a couple...