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What I do when I should be writing crime novels.

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Katherine Hayton

Old bones are found on a Canterbury Rebuild site. A teenage girl, missing for ten years. Coroner's court date is set for three days of hearings. Who cares, right?Well Daina Harrow cares.
Because it's her bones that were found on the building site. It's her mother having to sit in court each day. It's her friends, and her enemies, and her killers that are lying about her on the stand.
But she's here to set that straight. Daina's here to make sure that you hear the truth, the whole...

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You want to be an Online Freelancer... Now What?: An Easy Guide
Eeva Lancaster

Do you want to work from home and leave the rat race?
Do you dream of earning money online doing the things you love?
Do you want to own your time and work at your own pace?
Are you a freelancer but your gigs are not taking off?
This 2nd book of the Now What? Series is the author's way of paying it forward, and all the information in its pages are based on her successful freelancing career. It will help you discover which of your skills are marketable, which are in demand, and...

Diamonds are for Eden (Natasha Kelly, Mossad Spy Book 1)
Felicia Mires

Are you ready to chase after diamonds and fight terrorists?

What begins as a routine courier mission turns into a fight for her life as Natasha Kelly teams up with Israel's Mossad to fight a deadly terrorist.
When Abram Perez asks Natasha Kelly to put her exceptional courier skills to work for the nation of Israel, he mentions that several men have disappeared or died already in the attempt to carry uncut diamonds from Africa to the Diamond Institute in Israel.
Natasha thinks...

If I Were You
Carla Godfrey

Introducing the cheater and the cheated:
Celine is heartbroken, her perfect toogoodtobetrue boyfriend has actually turned out...well...literally too good to be true. So she swears off men for life.
Jake can't see what the problem is; she KNEW it was only ever a one night stand so why has his latest conquest turned into such a freak? He's had enough and needs a new challenge.
When this unlikely pair meet entirely by chance, a spark develops but, far from it being one of romance, it...

Rotterdam Reflections: Tales from a Dutch harbour and other
Valerie Poore

When writing memoirs, there are inevitably stories that can't be included, but are still fondly remembered. This is a short companion volume of recollections and tales from times and periods not covered by my Watery Ways and Harbour Ways memoirs. It is largely drawn from narrative posts I have written for my blog with some editing and embellishments. There are also some additional short pieces related to my life and work here in the Netherlands that were also taken from my blog. These are...

Whipped Up (Paul Chaise Book 2)
Stuart G. Yates

Paul Chaise, exSBS, is trying to leave his old life behind but his old ‘employers’ have other ideas. Returning home from Spain, he just wants to find his girlfriend, live a quiet life ‒ and forget. A job selling property in Suffolk seems to offer the perfect escape route until he becomes involved with a client’s problems and everything spirals out of control. Some particularly nasty Eastern European gangsters want to take over the running of the client’s houses and use them as...