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What I do when I should be writing crime novels.

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Katherine Hayton

Old bones are found on a Canterbury Rebuild site. A teenage girl, missing for ten years. Coroner's court date is set for three days of hearings. Who cares, right?Well Daina Harrow cares.
Because it's her bones that were found on the building site. It's her mother having to sit in court each day. It's her friends, and her enemies, and her killers that are lying about her on the stand.
But she's here to set that straight. Daina's here to make sure that you hear the truth, the whole...

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Crevices: A novel
Sheila Anderson

Anna struggles to grow up under the strict, sometimes cruel stance of her father as well as the survival tactics of an emotionally torn mother. Her mother, who is a child in a grown woman’s body, competes against her for the attention and love of her father. The struggle between mother and daughter increases when Anna’s father dies and her mother realizes her new found freedom from the patriarchal ways of her husband. Living nestled deep within the Appalachian mountain region of Maple...

Planet Of The Eggs: Cracked Open

The eggs arrive as darkness descends on the Planet of The Eggs.
Lost in the mists of time the magic of Eggland reemerges with the arrival of the Anointed Six. Under the guardian wing of Eight Hooter, an owl of great wisdom, the newly laid eggs embark on perilous adventures.
A prophesy kept by the Mystic Council heralds their arrival and predicts their rolls in rescuing Eggland from dark forces.
But our eggs are young and untested and unsure. Will they pass the test in the first...

Love, Marriage & Mayhem (Tempered Steel Series Book 4)
Maggie Adams

With only a small clue to the whereabouts of the arsonist that torched his family's business,, Lawrence “Lucky” Coalson heads to Las Vegas. While posing as a bouncer, Lucky finds himself ensnared by the lovely bartender, Claudia. But, like Lucky, she’s not what she appears to be and what happens in Vegas follows Lucky back home with unimaginable consequences.
Brandon Coalson is as hot as his older brothers, but he's the sensitive one that patches broken hearts and sends them on...

Wrapped Up In Brown Paper: And Other Poems
Peter John

A collection of 35 poems from the author of 'Dead Medium' Peter John.
Spanning subjects such as homelessness, public transport and kitchen utensils. This poetry collection swings between being both humorous and thought provoking.
Illustrated by Christopher Raven.
Wrapped Up In Brown Paper
Life On The Line
Bad Deals On wheels
Good Bloody Morning
Mind Slip
The Fleeting Kiss
The Ninth Love Potion
The World At Our Feet

Do You Expect Your Art to Answer?
Laurel S. Peterson

“Do You Expect Your Art to Answer?” is a collection of ekphrastic poems that explores the world of art and our relationship to it. Born from an experience at the Whitney Biennial (New York), at which an artist, in a room she had created in the museum, challenged an abusive patron using the question raised in the title, the collection explores the idea that art and human beings are in constant conversation with each other, whether or not we are using language. Inspired by art she has seen...