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What I do when I should be writing crime novels.

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Katherine Hayton

Old bones are found on a Canterbury Rebuild site. A teenage girl, missing for ten years. Coroner's court date is set for three days of hearings. Who cares, right?Well Daina Harrow cares.
Because it's her bones that were found on the building site. It's her mother having to sit in court each day. It's her friends, and her enemies, and her killers that are lying about her on the stand.
But she's here to set that straight. Daina's here to make sure that you hear the truth, the whole...

Have You Read?
Project Butterfly (The Project Butterfly Series Book 1)
K. A. Angliss

Kwan is a political prisoner at Camp 22, Aradia is a mental patient at Serbsy Centre and the twins 164XY and 626XY are a product of a lab. They are all property of their governments to experiment on at will, hidden away from the public's eye.
After years of her emotions being repressed Aradia begins dreaming again, against the Doctors' knowledge. Suddenly the impossible seems imaginable and revolution is imminent.
Project Butterfly is the first installation of a series of books of...

The Sleeping Field
Jennie Orbell

Finding fiveyear old Rosie Tucker’s body is the catalyst for Mari Madder to leave her current life and to seek the protection of her aunts’ home, an established sanctuary for old and mistreated donkeys.
Mari is taking nothing with her – except a secret.
In a place of gentle creatures, friendly people, a manic cat and glorious countryside, Mari is determined to build a new life, but it won’t come easily because she is not the only one keeping a secret.
Life changes are...

50 years of Number One Hits. Music Quiz Questions and Answers
L C Olney

Great to play with family and friends
Good for Pub quizzes
A mixture of song genres, something for everyone
100 questions to try and correctly guess

The book is split into five sections, with 20 questions in each one.
There are 100 questions covering music from the last 50 years.
I hope you enjoy these and please let me know in the comments box below if you would like some more.......

Mechaniclism: Apocalyptic~Horror Novella
Lynn Lamb

In 1632, Lord August Godwine, an Austrian nobleman, commissions Swiss clockmaker Frederick Jori to create a miniature city of automatons to amuse himself and impress the aristocracy. When Jori refuses to commit offenses against God, he undergoes brutal, unimaginable torture until the oncepious craftsman surrenders to his fate. But what he hides in the innocuousappearing automatons ignites a horrific apocalypse—one that will not be realized for 400 years.
In 21st century San Francisco,...

The Hunter The Hunting and The Hunted (The Gunsmith Chronicles
Brian Takahashi

After coming out of two year coma, dreaming of a group of people who defy deities, the odds, and the laws of nature, Ryan finds himself moments from the apocalypse. With the help of his new companion, and time traveling friend, Walter, they will retrace the events of his dream through a future world filled with gods, bandits, demi gods, immortals, and mercenaries. Walter knows that Ryan is one of the characters from his coma, but alas Walter's memory has failed him. Ryan's only hope now is...