Musings of a Lonely Mind by Tim Morgan

Indie writer and film producer Tim Morgan shares advice on writing, screenwriting, filmmaking and other musings.

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The Trip
Tim Morgan

Meghan, Dave and Chris have planned the trip of a lifetime: they’re going to spend the summer after their senior year of high school on a bicycle trip across America. As they plan their trip, a previously unidentified flu virus is detected in Mumbai, India and begins a relentless march across the globe.
As the three teens set out on their journey, details begin to emerge about the virus, which is not a simple flu virus…this virus turns its victims into flesheating zombies. And it’s...

Have You Read?
White Ghost and the Poison Arrow
Kellie Steele

Arella is an outcast in her tribe, white skinned and silver haired, bright purple eyes and a strong will, while the others are dark skinned and passive. She longs to be free of the chains of society, but does not realize the dangers of this.

The Last Changeling (The Enigma Wars Book 1)
F R Maher

In traditional folklore, fairies are things to be feared. Their proper classification is 'metahominid' Greek for 'other men.'
Modern laws protect our ancient hillforts are there for our own protection. These are their roosts.
But now they move amongst us, slowly invading our towns and cities like urban foxes.
Today we link stories of lost time and abduction to aliens.
The real culprits are far closer to home.

Twist of Fate
Misty Dawn Bratcher

Sarah thought her tragedy was over when she buried her family, but her nightmare has just begun.
She now has to choose to kill or be killed like her family.......

Wounded Animals (Whistleblower Book 1)
Jim Heskett

While nursing some drinks after a terrible day at work, Tucker Candle spits out his rum and coke when a stranger across the bar turns water into wine. But did he? Or was it just an alcoholinduced trick of the light?
This stranger has a warning for Candle: skip your planned business trip tomorrow. If you go, I won’t be able to protect you any longer.
With a clear head the next morning, Candle resumes his normal life, working for a company that’s about to lay him off. That barroom...

Being MacKinley: MacKinley Vampires - Book 2
Angie Lasher

The further Adventures of Percy Wheels MacKinley. She thought being a cop was crazy. When her husband is called away for a two day business trip to the other coast, Percy agrees to work some cold cases for her department. As she get ready to go home for the night, she is ambushed in the parking lot of the local donut shop. Once again she finds herself thrust into a vampire community plot, but this time her very immortality is hanging in the balance. Percy and Peter retrace the last few...