Musings of a Lonely Mind by Tim Morgan

Indie writer and film producer Tim Morgan shares advice on writing, screenwriting, filmmaking and other musings.

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The Trip
Tim Morgan

Meghan, Dave and Chris have planned the trip of a lifetime: they’re going to spend the summer after their senior year of high school on a bicycle trip across America. As they plan their trip, a previously unidentified flu virus is detected in Mumbai, India and begins a relentless march across the globe.
As the three teens set out on their journey, details begin to emerge about the virus, which is not a simple flu virus…this virus turns its victims into flesheating zombies. And it’s...

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A New Start: Novel 1 of the Gulliver Station Series
Connie Cockrell

Gulliver Station is brand new and being populated primarily with Old Earth Irish. Fergus Boylan, the Provisional Station Manager, wants to leave the old, corrupt Ireland behind and make station life fair for all of its residents. Conway Gillespie sees a chance to start his own crime family and rule the station like his old boss on Earth. The new residents want a fresh start, free from corruption and violence, that’s why they volunteered to colonize the station. Who will win this tug of...

Queen of Trial and Sorrow
Susan Appleyard

A B.R.A.G. Medallion winner, this is the story of Elizabeth Woodville, the wife of King Edward IV and the mother of the Princes in the Tower. As an impoverished widow, she was wooed and won by the handsome young king and believed her dreams had come true. But she was soon swept up in the War of the Roses, enduring hardship and danger as her husband struggled to keep his throne. When he died Elizabeth was unable to protect her family against the ruthless ambitions of the man he trusted...

Off Herring Cove Road: The Problem Being Blue
Michael Kroft

With Blue’s father in prison for selling marijuana and his mother estranged for over the last seven years, Blue is doing well, all considering. As the second addition to the notsonuclear Dixon family of Lisa, her tenyearold son, Dwight, and the retired, Jewish introvert, Av, Blue finds himself living in a much better area of Halifax, Nova Scotia, going to a much better school and for the first time, actually applying himself academically as he struggles to fit in.
All that's soon...

Call Drops: A Horror Story
John F Leonard

Vincent likes nothing more than rootling round secondhand shops in search of the interesting and unusual. Items that are lost and forgotten.
Why not? He needs the diversion. Time on his hands and money to burn. His life is affluent and empty. Little on the horizon and memories tinged bittersweet.
That’s all about to change. He’s about to find something that is perhaps better left unfound.
CALL DROPS is a darkly swirling mix of horror and mystery that will stay with you long...

Resurrection: The Clandestine Saga Book 2
ID Johnson

Cadence Findley is finally adjusting to her new life as a Vampire Hunter, when she receives an alarming phone call from her exboyfriend...who just happens to be dead.
Or is Jack Cook actually undead?
Resurrection, the second installment in The Clandestine Saga picks up where Transformation left off. Vengeance against the ancient Vampire, Holland, has been served and Cadence is ready to pursue her relationship with the mysterious Guardian Leader, Aaron, when she discovers her sleepy...