Musings of a Lonely Mind by Tim Morgan

Indie writer and film producer Tim Morgan shares advice on writing, screenwriting, filmmaking and other musings.

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The Trip
Tim Morgan

Meghan, Dave and Chris have planned the trip of a lifetime: they’re going to spend the summer after their senior year of high school on a bicycle trip across America. As they plan their trip, a previously unidentified flu virus is detected in Mumbai, India and begins a relentless march across the globe.
As the three teens set out on their journey, details begin to emerge about the virus, which is not a simple flu virus…this virus turns its victims into flesheating zombies. And it’s...

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Dangerous Liaisons
Sarah Stuart

Readers' Favorite Romance/Sizzle Bronze Medal Winner 2016
Lizzie falls in love with Michael and helps him become a showbiz superstar. At 18, their daughter, Lisette, seduces Michael. Can Lizzie forgive them, outwit the paparazzi out to prove incest and the birth of a lovechild, save their careers and liberty, and her marriage?

How to Write a Dick: A Guide for Writing Fictional Sleuths from

Note from authors: As our investigations business only operates within the United States, this book is more helpful to those writing U.S. private eye characters. However, there are other topics that are universally applied and useful worldwide, such as the history of the PIs, equipping a PI business, finding people, conducting trash hits, handling surveillances, how a fictional PI might work with a crime scene, homicide or DNA gathering and analysis, culling tips from our answers to writers'...

NO CHICKENS in the Chicken Stew
Cindi Walton

Too many eggs for farmer Brown to sell, whatever shall he do? His wife's suggestion...make a chicken stew! A delightful story told in verse about a farm full of chickens who devise a plot to stay out of the stew pot, all while keeping their jobs on the egg farm~ For all chicken lovers age 292, this is the perfect tale for each of you~
Cindi Walton & Whimsical Words Publishing......

Born To Magic: Tales of Nevaeh: Volume I
David Wind

Welcome to Nevaeh: a world where technology no longer exists, but magic does.
Long ago, a mythical nation known as 'America' died in the violence and radiation of the terrorist wars. Now their descendants dwell in a world of ritual and magic where ten dominions struggle for supremacy while a dark power rises to threaten them all.
In Nevaeh, where men are blessed with great strength and women have both strength and psychic abilities, one woman has been chosen to be Nevaeh's savior,...

Vespers: Volume Six (The Journals of Meghan McDonnell Book 6)
Meghan McDonnell

Vespers is the sixth installment of the personal journals of Meghan McDonnell. With searing candor and tenderness, her musings on daily life and observations of family, social and romantic relationships coalesce in a commentary on challenges, facing down passion and fear, and American life in the 21st century. Wide in scope and vivid in detail, her journals are her confessional love letter to the world. Join her on a fearless, vulnerable, sometimes painful and quixotic, but always honest...