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Too Mad to Trust

Meet Andy who is prodded by his Mom to ask his friend to play on a summer day. Always wanting to be the one asked to do things instead of doing the asking, much like all of us, Andy initially resists but eventually sets out to knock on his friend’s door. Along the way, Andy thinks of all the things his friend might say or do. He could be busy or play games Andy isn’t good at, which might lead to him being the target of jokes. None of these things happens, of course, as Andy learns to...

Have You Read?
Without A Traitor (Natasha Kelly, Mossad Spy Book 7)
Felicia Mires

Mossad Spy Natasha Kelly can scarcely wait for her upcoming wedding to movie star heartthrob Dirk Sloan. But she can't escape the niggling feeling that she's under threat from the price on her head. Can she stop the terrorist Yaakov before he has her assassinated? That might become a mute point when she confronts the head of Mossad and loses her job.
What will Dirk say when he discovers she's taken off alone on another mission to prove her point? Is the wedding on hold permanen...

Methuselah's Children
Robert A. Heinlein

After the fall of the American Ayatollahs as foretold in Stranger in a Strange Land and chronicled in Revolt in 2100, the United States of America at last fulfills the promise inherent in its first Revolution: for the first time in human history there is a nation with Liberty and Justice for All.
No one may seize or harm the person or property of another, or invade his privacy, or force him to do his bidding. Americans are fiercely proud of their rewon liberties and the blood it cost...

Am I the Killer?
Dan Petrosini

Peter, a braininjured veteran with a motive, is arrested for murder. The victim bullied Peter throughout his youth, and, on the night of the murder, he discovered the bully stole his fianceé while Peter served overseas.
Detective Luca leads the investigation but believes the marine's inability to recall events on the fateful night are injury related and not an attempt by Peter to hide the truth.
As political pressure to solve the case rises, Luca pursues other leads but evidence...

The Blue Mountain (The Forbidden List Book 2)
G R Matthews

The battle is over, a duke is dead, a traitor slain, and a city destroyed.
One has no home, no family, just memories. He must learn to change or be destroyed.
The other has failed, but a second chance beckons. The risks are great, the reward greater.
On the horizon, the red flame of war grows brighter.......

Sherlock Holmes and The House of Pain
Stephen Seitz

A missionary woman has disappeared in Spitalfields, one of London's most dangerous districts. When Sherlock Holmes in called on to find her, he discovers enormous, highly intelligent rats have made their home under the streets of London. Holmes is forced to confront the horrors of his past and science gone mad. Word of this phenomenon draws the attention of rising zoologist G.E. Challenger, who decides he must meet the creatures' creator, one Dr. Moreau. As in the author's ‘Never Meant to...