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Too Mad to Trust

Meet Andy who is prodded by his Mom to ask his friend to play on a summer day. Always wanting to be the one asked to do things instead of doing the asking, much like all of us, Andy initially resists but eventually sets out to knock on his friend’s door. Along the way, Andy thinks of all the things his friend might say or do. He could be busy or play games Andy isn’t good at, which might lead to him being the target of jokes. None of these things happens, of course, as Andy learns to...

Have You Read?
Luna Lake Cabins: The First Year (Luna Lake Cabins Stories Book
Annie Acorn

Where can you find love as you walk along a lake’s shore, mystery in the woods and hidden caves that surround you, and a warm welcome upon arrival? Within the carefully crafted novellas and novelettes gathered for your enjoyment in Luna Lake Cabins – The First Year by beloved, internationally read author Annie Acorn.
Hop into your car, travel north through Tennessee into the Cumberland Mountains, and you will find Luna Lake and the Cabins just west of Cove Lake. Checking in? You...

I Am Kairu
Gregory McEwan

Kairu is eleven years old and is making his way with his father towards a destination unknown to him. The prospect of the long journey excites him, yet Kairu cannot help feeling afraid.
The young African boy knows the meaning of his name. Black one. When Kairu finally reaches his destination he realizes that the life he knew and loved would never again be the same and soon learns that in life, all things happen for a purpose.........

Power for Two Minutes and Other Unrealities
Mjke Wood

" of the leading British short story writers..." The Singularity Magazine
➢Would you trust a sixyearold who’s prone to spaghetti tantrums to navigate your starship, because the adults messed up?
➢A soldier: Engineered to fight, engineered to die, time and time again. How might he react when confronted by mortality for the very first time?
➢A monster diesel robot with delicate and artistic sensibilities, on a mission to find freedom.
➢Jazz, zoot suits, blades…...

Only Bloody Lovely
Simon Richard Green

Only Bloody Lovely tells of one family’s experiences of some of Sheffield’s history of disasters and the ensuing impact and distress on the family.
During his national service Harold Kingswood was stationed at Pembroke Dock, a flying boat station in Wales. At the end of the war he came home to Sheffield to start his new life as husband and family man. However, the Hillsborough disaster, the Falklands war, the Sheffield floods and the Sheffield blitz all tore away the family’s...

Dating the It Guy
Krysten Lindsay Hager

Emme is a sophomore in high school who starts dating, Brendon Agretti, the popular senior who happens to be a senator's son and wellknown for his good looks. Emme feels out of her comfort zone in Brendon's world and it doesn't help that his picture perfect ex, Lauren, seems determined to get back into his life, along with every other girl who wants to be the future Mrs. Agretti. Emme is already conflicted due to the fact her last boyfriend cheated on her and her whole world is off kilter...