Sevara Will Rise! by Damian Wampler

Weekly offerings on politics, the environment, women's empowerment, and social justice. By photographer and playwrite Damian Wampler.

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Dark Water
Shaunna Rodriguez

In the small town of York Harbor, Massachusetts young women are being abducted and their bodies never found.
He stood out on the small dock and stared out at the calm, dark waters in front of him. He stuffed his hands deeper into his pockets as the chill of night bit into any exposed skin.
“Hello old friend. I’m back and I’ve missed you.” He breathed out his greeting into the dark of night. His breath puffed out in small clouds of smoke. Perhaps he was drawn to the...

Ghosts of WinShire
Marian Parisher-Nichols

The spirits of Richard and Victoria haunt WinShire Castle. Once a year, they relive the massacre which resulted in Lord Richard placing a curse on the castle as he and Victoria die in each other’s arms. Centuries pass, the castle with the noheir curse is gradually abandoned, now it stands empty, waiting. Then the spirits see the opportunity to prevent the curse. They are successful. Now Time has been altered. Are the spirits together? What does the new timeline hold for their descendants?...

Prophecy of Peace (MYSTERIES OF THE ORACLE Book 1)
Tom Goymour

A gripping mystery that spans a century. 
Two young men, best friends, find themselves on a mission one night in October 2015 heading across a field in the corner of Essex, England. What they don't know is why are they here? And why this very night?
    As they reminisce, recalling the past, events seem to be telling them something. Billy Sheppardy soon realises that they need to discover what really did happen a century ago, and what is the significance of the wallet that his...

Marella (Wraidd Elfennol)
Morgan Sheppard

Marella has grown up on the island of Wraidd Elfennol, where humans, animals and the very Elements live in harmony together.
Since she was a youngling, the draw towards Water has always been the strongest. It is one of the reasons Marella wants nothing more than for that Element to be her Primary, so she can become a Water Weaver, gifted in hydromancy. Each youngling goes to the main village of Charon for the Test to find out which of the Elements they are strongest in, which in turn,...

Creepy Little Dolls
Parrish Gore

For middleaged doortodoor vacuum cleaner salesman Clayton Boudreaux, life couldn't get any worse. Sales were at an alltime low. His marriage to a controlling and unappreciative wife made his daily grind all the more unbearable.
Clayton dreams of a better and happier life that he knows that is impossible. Until one day... as he is driving home from another poor day of sales, Clayton has a chance to change his life.
The question is, will Clayton's life change for the better, or...