Sevara Will Rise! by Damian Wampler

Weekly offerings on politics, the environment, women's empowerment, and social justice. By photographer and playwrite Damian Wampler.

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Teh Tarik: Pulled Tea
Vanya Vetto

He drinks lots of teh tarik, a milky tea that he has trouble pronouncing. The outcome is lots of observations. The stories just keep on flowing over many milky teas. He’ll travel to great lengths, catch boats, buses and taxis in pursuit of the ultimate teh tarik. Along the way, he’ll visit a few urinals and decipher Malay Land while having his proboscis firmly planted in a comfortable chair. Now this is real traveling…......

The Infected: A Post Apocalyptic Thriller
Matt Cronan

The apocalypse is here.
As a mysterious virus sweeps the globe bringing the dead back to life. Two survivors travel across the wastelands of the United States, in search of the men and women responsible for creating the plague that destroyed the world. A journey that will take them across a terrifying apocalyptic landscape filled with the mindless dead to a stronghold known as Concordia.
But the road is paved with nightmarish twists and for one of the survivors their part in this war...

JET: Duplicity (Kindle Worlds Novella) (Survival Series Book 2)
Kim Cresswell

Featuring JET from Russell Blake's bestselling action adventure thriller series and characters from Kim Cresswell's action packed Whitney Steel suspense series!
When a Russian troll farm wreaks havoc by circulating rumors that Jet and her team killed the leader of the Sur del Calle cartel, unexpected enemies surface, and a past adversary with a thirst for revenge hunts down the team vying for the big payoff—kill JET.

A Timeless Heartbeat
Cherry Seniel

Two living souls who wish to rekindle a love—born from the past and reborn in the present. It was a love of a lifetime tested by time and age. But fate was elusive. The long days of waiting consumed her peace—it leads to a dark plan. Another soul can spark their flame of love in exchange for something she can never take back—her life. Death is not the end, in the name of love.
Mila opens her eyes and feels her heartbeat again. Thanks to her mysterious donor. Caught between life and...

Retribution (The Gunsmith Chronicles Book 2)
Brian Takahashi

Following the end of his trial, Treacy finds that he is not out of the woods from his hunt. Yan Lou has threatened the god realm and is preparing for war. Kannon, in serious condition, flees to the human realm to hide from Yan Lou and find Wildcard. Walter continues to scour Ryan’s orated dream from his coma hoping for an epiphany as to Ryan’s character. Any confusion to his person or place in time could jeopardize Walter’s intentions on the future. As for Treacy, the only things he is...