Sevara Will Rise! by Damian Wampler

Weekly offerings on politics, the environment, women's empowerment, and social justice. By photographer and playwrite Damian Wampler.

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At Hidden Lake
P.S. Winn

When three friends, Andrea ,Seth,and Melanie, head up to a cabin at Hidden Lake longing for three days of rest and relaxation, they find something a lot different. First Melanie breaks her leg and then Seth and Andrea, returning to the cabin, uncover a conspiracy that began in World War II. Now they find themselves in a fight for survival against those who are keeping the hidden secrets.......

Backwards Into the Future
Bronwyn Elsmore

You can’t go back, her friends say, but Mary has to do it. Going back to her old hometown is the only way she can silence a voice from the past. And find her childhood friend, Ana.
Kui is pushing her, Ana is holding back, and between the two women there’s much to be resolved.
The plum tree and the manuka have gone, but a lemon tree thrives. The mystery surrounding the last voyage of the Marakihau may never be solved; but if Ana returns, their friendship and some things from the...

A Southern Boy's Meanderings
GC Smith

We Southern guys love the ladies and we love to eat and to watch the world go by.  Sometimes we love the Southern climate, sometimes that climate scares hell out of us.  And there's the flora and fauna of the South , so no, we can't forget the blooms and critters and there are a few of 'em scattered in the poems in this little book  In all 34  poems reflect what I, and I believe other Southerners, love and are good for us fill these few pages.  The poems are my stuff, written by a guy...

White Ghost and the Red Wolf
Kellie Steele

Arella is now all grown up now, strong, beautiful and powerful, but something still haunts her. She does not know why she is the way she is, and she wants to find out what makes her so different from the others. Along with a few unlikely companions, Arella embarks on a journey of selfdiscovery to find out who and what she is. She will face dangers beyond belief, and hopefully overcome them in this book. She's learnt a lot from her time living in the forest, but nothing will prepare her for...

Single Motherhood Unplugged: Based on a True Story
Annemarie Musawale

Being a single mama has really been glamorized; maybe from necessity, maybe because there are some really visually glamorous single moms out there. Before you take the plunge, then you really should know what its REALLY like. Don’t get caught with your pants down, or your boobies out. Get the real deal right here.......