Izzy-Land by Isabelle Connors

Updates about my books, my current WIP, my author woes, and crazy ideas that may pop into my head. My fantasy world ... hence the name Izzy-Land!

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The Introduction: Undying Love #1
Isabelle Connors

Love is a gift, and not everyone is lucky enough to receive it. Or maybe the lucky ones are those who never find it. This is not your average love story, this is a life story. Your teenage years aren't supposed to be complicated. But, sometimes they are. What happens when you're attracted to the new stranger in town. Do you just fall in love and live happilyeverafter? Do you follow through on your feelings, even though you know you shouldn't?
From the very first night, Arianna meets...

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Hit and Run (Dragon Drop Series Book 1)
Beth Lauzier

Catherin’s day started like any other, but it sure didn’t end that way.
What was to be a sleepover and pizza ends with bad guys and running for her life. And just what’s that thing under her bed?
Her friend Madison shows up, but Madison knows more than she’s telling.
Catherin is about to see a different side of her friend. In fact, Catherin’s about to see a whole world she never knew existed.

Princess Silly's Bedtime Stories
Rachel John

In a time even your parents don’t remember, in a land far, far away from where you or I sit, there lived a small kingdom ruled by a king and queen. Their only child was a daughter named Salina, or as they called her for short, Silly.
Don't give up on reading bedtime stories just yet. Princess Silly's Bedtime Stories are for girls who love princesses, light romance, and plenty of silliness. They are written to be read aloud, a chapter a night. Join Silly and her family for 6 stories of...

Beneath the Scars
Melanie Moreland

The sound of the ocean, the crash of the waves as they kick up against the sand and rocks—these are the only sounds Megan Greene wants to hear. She wants to leave the rest of the world behind, and find some peace.
The offer of a private house on the beach, set in a small town in Maine, is perfect. Time to think—to be by herself. It’s all she wants. It’s the escape she needs.
Until she stumbles across the painting that seems to echo her own chaotic mindset.
Until she meets...

Heather Wielding

The world has changed. Food is scarce, and hunger a constant companion. As new products start arriving to grocery stores across the US, consumers turn their hope to John Smith, the founder of Manflesh Corporation. Little do they know that Manflesh is feeding them meat taken from human beings...
No secret can remain hidden for all times, and as bits and pieces of truth begin to drip out, John Smith finds himself in a desperate situation. A new illness is taking over, and Manflesh Co...

Renaissance Queens (The Legendary Women of World History)
Laurel A. Rockefeller

Now at last three Legendary Women of World History biographies in a single boxed set volume.
Joined together by more than just blood, French Princess Catherine de Valois (queen consort to King Henry V of England) and her descendants Queen Elizabeth Tudor of England and Queen Mary Stuart of Scotland dramatically changed the world as we know it, daring to do the extraordinary and risking everything in a time when women held few legal rights as individuals.
Begin the journey with...