Izzy-Land by Isabelle Connors

Updates about my books, my current WIP, my author woes, and crazy ideas that may pop into my head. My fantasy world ... hence the name Izzy-Land!

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The Introduction: Undying Love #1
Isabelle Connors

Love is a gift, and not everyone is lucky enough to receive it. Or maybe the lucky ones are those who never find it. This is not your average love story, this is a life story. Your teenage years aren't supposed to be complicated. But, sometimes they are. What happens when you're attracted to the new stranger in town. Do you just fall in love and live happilyeverafter? Do you follow through on your feelings, even though you know you shouldn't?
From the very first night, Arianna meets...

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Patrick's Promise (The Cloverleaf Series Book 3)
Gloria Herrmann

Promises are meant to be kept—but Patrick O’Brien is too numb with grief…
Patrick hasn’t been able to move past the loss of his wife, who died while delivering his twin boys—Finn and Connor. While life continues around him, he is left in a state of emotional suspension, unable to honor his final vow to his wife and move on after she is gone.
Faking it only goes so far…
Always known as the moody older brother, Patrick maintains his distance from his overbearing but loving...

In The Blood (Unflinching Book 2)
Stuart G. Yates

Detective Simms has another mission to complete.
Less than a year after crossing the unchartered Territories of the Old West in pursuit of vicious killers, Detective Simms of the Pinkerton Detective Agency receives orders for another mission. The fledgling railroads are cutting through the endless plains and desperadoes are taking advantage. The Pinkertons are charged with protecting the trains and the money they hold, but someone knows how much this is, and that someone has to be...

A Reason To Kill: A Blacklick Valley Mystery
Donna Cummins

Frank Kinkaid is every woman’s dream-come-true: powerful, sophisticated, and very, very rich—a dream-come-true, that is, until he becomes her worst nightmare. For under this charismatic facade lies a man obsessed by the need to control, a man who regards women as objects to possess, to exploit, a man driven by heartless cruelty. For the magnetic Kinkaid, armed with shrewdness and charm, money and women seem easy to come by. But will one of these women, drawn in by fate, become his executioner?

Kicking Dogs
Collin Piprell

A comic thriller, Kicking Dogs is also an antic portrait of boomtime Bangkok.
Bangkok is being transfigured by unrestrained development and corrupted by rampant greed. Meanwhile Jack Shackaway, American freelance journalist and author of such literary masterpieces as A Dick for Dorothy, is succumbing to a bad case of culture shock—no matter he himself believes he’s adjusting nicely to the Thai Way, learning among other things how to maintain his cool under all circumstances.

The Ecology of Lonesomeness
David J. O'Brien

Kaleb Schwartz isn't interested in the Loch Ness Monster. He'd enough cryptobiological speculation about Bigfoot while studying the Pacific Northwest forests. He's in Scotland's Great Glen to investigate aquatic food webs and nutrients cycles; if he proves there's no food for any creature bigger than a pike, then so much the better.
Jessie McPherson has returned to Loch Ness after finishing university in London, hoping to avoid the obsession with its dark waters she had when younger and...