Izzy-Land by Isabelle Connors

Updates about my books, my current WIP, my author woes, and crazy ideas that may pop into my head. My fantasy world ... hence the name Izzy-Land!

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The Introduction: Undying Love #1
Isabelle Connors

Love is a gift, and not everyone is lucky enough to receive it. Or maybe the lucky ones are those who never find it. This is not your average love story, this is a life story. Your teenage years aren't supposed to be complicated. But, sometimes they are. What happens when you're attracted to the new stranger in town. Do you just fall in love and live happilyeverafter? Do you follow through on your feelings, even though you know you shouldn't?
From the very first night, Arianna meets...

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The Wolf Riders of Keldarra: Book 3: South Spires of Achellon
Nathalie M.L. Römer

Achellon is one of the last strongholds on Keldarra, where a powerful faction of Magi rule and protect the city in a barrier of magic. When Marrida and Alagur arrive they are first greeted with suspicion, but when it is discovered she is a Keeper of Truth, the distrust melts away and everyone seems to befriend them.
What they do not know is that within the Spires of Achellon lies a skeleton of an ancient wolf. And what they also don’t know is that the Magi sacrifice young females once...

The Guardian's Weapon (Battle for History Book 1)
Tayson Meanea

Tyrone Crawford lives an unremarkable life as a young teenager in Utah and constantly wishes for adventure to come and carry him away. Though after getting caught up with his two friends in a plot to uncover a deadly lost history, he learns that it is sometimes safer to be boring. Try to keep up as Tyrone, Derek, and Zack scramble around the globe with the help of the secret Artifact Recovery Corps., trying to track down Tyrone's lost uncle, and keep dangerous super weapons of ancient date...

Suicide Seeds: Murder is a Growing Business
Ken Fry

Is this the beginning of the GMO Apocalypse?
What if there was a genetically modified seed that could stop the famine in West Africa? Local growers would clamor for the product. The government would welcome the company with open arms.
Lloyd Olsen, a top executive in a major western GM seed company, NewCrop, is asked to move to West Africa and head the company’s operation. He is unaware of its criminal intent.
West Africa is a staging post for a larger and highly suspect operation....

Within the Attic
Marian Parisher-Nichols

When Kristyn, a young widow with a small son, moved back into her childhood home, a two hundred year old Victorian farm house, she expected nothing less than to be happy there. She wanted to raise her son, Nathan, five, as her grandparents had raised her after the unfortunate deaths of both of her parents when she was quite young. This proved not to be the case. From the beginning young Nathan was being enticed by entities to venture into the attic which was always locked except when he was...

FATAL (Paranormal Female Psychic Suspense Thrillers Book 2)
Eric Drouant

Cassie Reynold and Ronnie Gilmore, two young psychics once again find themselves at the mercy of the U.S. Government. After a period of contentment, Ronnie and Cassie must face new threat to their life and their love. In an action packed spree ranging from New Orleans to Virginia, the psychic couple take on two factions intent on capturing them for their paranormal ability. Giving up is not an option. This war is going to be fought to a fatal conclusion.
Book 2 in the Remote Series takes...