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The Revelation Room
Mark Tilbury

A mystery Ben Whittle’s father, a private investigator, has been taken captive by a cult whilst investigating the case of a missing girl. When Ben receives a desperate call from his father asking for help he is drawn into a dark underground world. 
As Ben retraces the last known steps of the missing girl he discovers his only option left is to join the cult and rescue his father from the inside. 

The leader of the cult, Edward Ebb, is a psychopathic egocentric who uses his...

Have You Read?
Thinking Straight
Robin Reardon

I know God doesn't make mistakes, and if I'm gay it's because that's what he wanted. What you wanted. And I think the challenge is to get everyone else to see that. This is their test, not mine.
If only Taylor Adams had kept on lying to his parents, none of this would have happened. He wouldn't have been shipped off to Straight to God, an institution devoted to "deprogramming" troubled teenagers and ridding them of their viceswhether it's drugs, violence, or in Taylor's case, other...

Stories And Imaginings For The Reading Spot
J.D. Holiday

In Stories & Imaginings For The Reading Spot, A Short Stories Collection For Adults
The Cemetery Affair ~ This is a tales from here to eternity about love, hate, envy, vengeance, death and, maybe murder. Well, not murder, but revenge is sweet!
Dangers of the Wilderness, New York, 1755 What was it like in a young country where the lack of understanding causes people so different from one another to fight for the land, or flee in hopes of sirviving.
Spiders ~ Terminal or not, under...

S.J. Hermann

High school seniors, Nathan and Alexandria, are looking forward to graduation for one reason. They dream of a life without torment. Because neither one can call home a sanctuary, they face bullies and humiliation without help from their families.
Nathan’s parents are absent and his empty house stokes the anger he carries within. Alexandria has always hidden her pain, especially so after losing her mother and watching her father struggle. She continues to seek familiar relief with...

Duty and Betrayal: The SS Brotherhood and the NASA connection
Toby Oliver

Everyone has a different agenda when a former Nazi scientist and a current NASA rocket expert arrive in 1960s London for a conference. International spies and war criminals alike are still looking to settle old scores from World War II.
Monitoring the conference are Spencer Hall of MI5 and Jack Stein of the CIA, top agents who became fast friends while fighting side by side for their lives. They’ve been called to protect their nations’ vital secrets, but one of them harbors his own...

Bedpans to Boardrooms (The Nomadic Nurse Series Book 2)
Sarah Jane Butfield

Is Sarah Jane playing with fire?
What happened to the funloving girl we met in Ooh Matron! Who almost by accident entered the world of nursing after leaving school?
Sarah Jane's life is set to be turned upside down as she juggles the pursuit of her nursing career with the roles of wife and mother. Her nursing career deviates off course into the aged care sector to accommodate her personal life and calls for a variety of sacrifices and compromises to keep a career and family life on...