Rebecca Clare Smith's Journal by Rebecca Clare Smith

The personal thoughts, musings & flash fiction of an author of urban & dystopian dark fantasy.

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Breaking Cadence (Survival Trilogy Book 1)
Rebecca Clare Smith

I snorted softly. “You expect me to believe that you came to town looking for a cure? I’m not stupid, Zander. There is no cure. There never will be.”
“Oh there is,” he assured, staring right at me. “There has been for years.”

Decontaminated. Deflowered. Defunct.
Cadence Laurence has suffered pain and humiliation at the hands of the town committee, but the saving grace of her torture means nothing when her brother, Alex, and his girlfriend, Kitty break the rules...

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A Timeless Heartbeat
Cherry Seniel

Two living souls who wish to rekindle a love—born from the past and reborn in the present. It was a love of a lifetime tested by time and age. But fate was elusive. The long days of waiting consumed her peace—it leads to a dark plan. Another soul can spark their flame of love in exchange for something she can never take back—her life. Death is not the end, in the name of love.
Mila opens her eyes and feels her heartbeat again. Thanks to her mysterious donor. Caught between life and...

Jugnu: Romance
Ruchi Singh

What do you do when your love is trapped in the past?
Zayd Abbas Rizvi, out on parole, wants to escape the suspicious eyes of the world and concentrate on rebuilding his future. He zeroes in on Kasuali, a small, quaint hill town.
Contrary to his expectations though, he is unable to find peace in the skirmish around the guest house, the antics of a three year old, and the deep, sad eyes of his mother. As he battled the demons of his past, falling in love was not in Zayd’s ...

Eloah: No Hell
Lex Allen

An ancient secret is revealed after 2000 years.
Destruction at the Temple Mount ensues.

Dyrk Ashton

The gods of myth, monsters of legend, heroes and villains of lore.
They're real -- and they're coming back to finish a war that's been raging since the dawn of time.
For Fi Patterson and Zeke Prisco, their daily routine of caring for the elderly at the local hospital is shattered when a catatonic patient named Peter unwittingly thrusts them into a conflict between ageless beings beyond reckoning. A war of which he is the primary target, and perhaps the cause.

The Unsinkable Herr Goering: A Farce Of Epic Proportions
Ian Cassidy

Contrary to what the socalled history books tell you, Hermann Goering, Hitler’s Deputy, Head of the Luftwaffe and second most powerful man in Nazi Germany, did not leave this world courtesy of a cyanide tablet secreted in the heel of his jackboot minutes before his appointment with the hangman. The truth is far more bizarre. THE UNSINKABLE HERR GOERING is a monumental debut novel by Ian Cassidy. It follows Goering, a man blindsided by hubris, on his attempted escape – from both Germany...