The Boaters resource for places to go and things to know by Alex Blackwell is dedicated to the joy of coastal boating, coastal sailing, coastal cruising, and coastal racing. The primary objective of this site is to empower sailors and those who would like to be sailors to go out and enjoy their sport and pass-time - to enjoy boating in whatever form it takes for the sake of boating. Coastal Boating provides the best all around experience for boaters who would like a local resource guide that also covers local news, including race results, and seamanship skills. It is not intended to prepare people for the great offshore experience: there are plenty of resources out there for that. It is for all of the rest of us who may dream about a big adventure yet find ourselves perfectly content, if not driven, to experience the waters in our own territory to the fullest.

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Cruising the Wild Atlantic Way

A Word of Welcome to Europe’s Most Precious Gem
The Wild West of the Emerald Isle
For the adventurous at heart, the wanderer, trailblazer, or artist, this is the place to go, see, and experience life. Bring some time and stay a while, you will never regret it – guaranteed. Whether by land or by sea, visiting Wild Atlantic Way along the coastline of the west of Ireland will reconnect you with nature and with your inner self.
The experience of looking out to sea from land, in to...

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