The Boaters resource for places to go and things to know by Alex Blackwell is dedicated to the joy of coastal boating, coastal sailing, coastal cruising, and coastal racing. The primary objective of this site is to empower sailors and those who would like to be sailors to go out and enjoy their sport and pass-time - to enjoy boating in whatever form it takes for the sake of boating. Coastal Boating provides the best all around experience for boaters who would like a local resource guide that also covers local news, including race results, and seamanship skills. It is not intended to prepare people for the great offshore experience: there are plenty of resources out there for that. It is for all of the rest of us who may dream about a big adventure yet find ourselves perfectly content, if not driven, to experience the waters in our own territory to the fullest.

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Cruising the Wild Atlantic Way

A Word of Welcome to Europe’s Most Precious Gem
The Wild West of the Emerald Isle
For the adventurous at heart, the wanderer, trailblazer, or artist, this is the place to go, see, and experience life. Bring some time and stay a while, you will never regret it – guaranteed. Whether by land or by sea, visiting Wild Atlantic Way along the coastline of the west of Ireland will reconnect you with nature and with your inner self.
The experience of looking out to sea from land, in to...

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Planet of The Eggs Eruption Dawn of Dinosaurs and Dragons:

Fourth in the PLANET OF THE EGGS comic book series ERUPTION! Dawn of Dinosaurs and Dragons.
If you enjoy the exciting, the unusual, the adventurous, you’ll love the Planet Of the Eggs Series.

The story of light vs. dark, good vs. evil finds it way into Eggland and gives birth to the Legendary Six – the hope of the worlds – six eggs with evolving Superpower, quick wits and quirky personalities.
The fourth installment in the gripping comic series, Eruption, finds the...

Just Divine
P.S. Winn

For Patricia Harris and Tracy Coleman, finding a house with the 'Just Divine' coffee shop attached was the answer to their prayers. Their homes were being torn down to make room for a parking lot. The place they found was also a bargain. As they move in, the two find out why they had got such a great deal. Secrets of the past are haunting the present. Now, Pat and Tracy are caught up in a mystery thriller as they try to right the wrongs connected with the hosue and the shop.......

Child of the Kindred: The Rinefield Chronicles: Book 2
M.T. Magee

NOT A STAND ALONE NOVEL BOOK 2 IN THE SERIES The award winning epic historical fantasy saga continues.  99 Cents for a limited time. Enter the realm of Rinefield, where love, danger, adventure and romance awaits you. Their world is changing and a new era has begun. Princess Laurel finds her kingdom of Gwenlais, torn and shattered from a bloody siege. Her people now looking to her, to help them rise above the ruin and misery inflicted upon their once peaceful and sheltered realm. Laurel...

Hell To Pay (Crime Files Book 1)
Jenny Thomson

Nancy Kerr refuses to be a victim—even when she walks in on her parents’ killers and is raped and left for dead…
Fourteen months later, Nancy wakes up in a psychiatric hospital with no knowledge of how she got there.
Slowly, her memory starts to return.
Released from the institution, she has just one thing on her mind—two men brought hell to her family home.
Now they’re in for some hell of their own…......

Finding Mother (The Guernsey Novels Book 2)
Anne Allen

Voted RunnerUp in Family Drama 2013 in the SpaSpa Awards
Prepare to be swept away by a heartwarming tale of family relationships and love
Three women. Three generations. Sacrifices for love…
Who is she really? Nicole is about to find out as she searches for her real mother; the woman who gave her away at birth. With her marriage in tatters, she sets out from England: travelling to Spain, Jersey and Guernsey before the extraordinary story of her real family is finally ...