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My name is Tracey Wickham and I am a self-published independent writer.I am the author of the Anya Harding series and also the Eternal Fae series of books. I have a Blog on my main website, but I use that to let people know what is happening with my books and writing. This Blog will be more about my day to day life as a writer. I will be posting on a regular basis and I hope you enjoy reading my posts

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A Murder Is Foreseen (The Anya Harding Series Book 1)
Tracey Wickham

Anya Harding is a Reiki Master/Teacher who runs her own successful business, but her life changes when she starts having a recurring dream about a murder.
Anya then discovers she has developed clairvoyant abilities and that the dream she is having is actually showing a murder which has not yet been committed. To complicate matters more Anya is also told that she is a witch.
Anya then starts working with the Police to try and stop the murder from happening. But with details sketchy...

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An Arizona Tragedy: A Bailey Crane Mystery - #1 (Bailey Crane
Billy Chitwood

Meet Bailey Crane, a son of the south, now firmly transplanted in Phoenix, Arizona. Bailey is six feet tall, one hundred eightyfive pounds, a ruggedly good looking guy in the mold of a young Christopher Plummer, the "Sound of Music" gentleman. Bailey has just enough nuance in his charming southern manners and speech to make him appealing to most, perhaps a bit flamboyant for some. He's got a soft manufacturing rep business that brings in easy money. He's an actor on the local and regional...

The Afterlife of Charlotte Browning
Christine B.

Charlotte Browning is not dead, but she is no longer living in the nineteenth century. Her greatest adventure takes place after her death.

Charlotte narrates her experiences as she journeys
Home, the place she returns to between lives. After reviewing her
life in New England in the 1800s, Charlotte realizes she must
resolve an issue before she can advance to her next life. She
decides to return to the earth plane in order to assist the tortured
soul of her...

Fateful Decisions
Trevor D'Silva

It’s 1915 in the heat of WWI. Two friends heading to England aboard the British ocean liner, RMS Lusitania, meet and fall in love with a charismatic woman. After battling for her affection, Rachel Williams makes her decision, beginning a journey that no one can predict or soon forget. For the next thirty years, Rachel is forced to live with the choice she made, as the dominos fall around her, sequentially.
Is there a sinister force at work? Who can Rachel trust? Will Rachel ultimately...

The Innocent Dead: (Sam Dyke Investigations Book 7)
Keith Dixon

"I enjoy Lee Child, Robert Crais, Tess Gerritson. So I think Keith Dixon is up there with the greats." Amazon Reviewer
Mark and Bobbie Ware have the perfect life—a huge mansion, enough money to satisfy every conceivable need, and a delightful son of ten years of age.
But this all changes when a man disrupts that life by taking from it the single most important possession the family enjoys: its happiness.

The Family that went to War
Gordon Smith

In1914 Australia joined England and declared war on Germany and it's allies.
In the small New South Wales town of Cootamundra 6 young Australians, all from the same family, individually joined the fight.
This saga follows their journeys through Gallipoli and the Western Front.
The saga also covers time in Egypt, England and France away from the fighting.
This is a story of a family and how it was affected by a on the other side of the world. It tells of the battles, the...