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My name is Tracey Wickham and I am a self-published independent writer.I am the author of the Anya Harding series and also the Eternal Fae series of books. I have a Blog on my main website, but I use that to let people know what is happening with my books and writing. This Blog will be more about my day to day life as a writer. I will be posting on a regular basis and I hope you enjoy reading my posts

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A Murder Is Foreseen (The Anya Harding Series Book 1)
Tracey Wickham

Anya Harding is a Reiki Master/Teacher who runs her own successful business, but her life changes when she starts having a recurring dream about a murder.
Anya then discovers she has developed clairvoyant abilities and that the dream she is having is actually showing a murder which has not yet been committed. To complicate matters more Anya is also told that she is a witch.
Anya then starts working with the Police to try and stop the murder from happening. But with details sketchy...

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The Brotherhood of Darkness (#2 Wizards' Secret Service)
George A. Kos

An ancient organization revealed itself in our world. Radimus Dorret head of Wizards’ Secret Service in New York has to disclose the classified information about two young wizards, Henry Jones and Billy Dixon, who found out about the existence of an ancient Brotherhood, which everyone considered disappeared.
Henry Jones a famous young Detective of the magic world finds a strange message on a crime scene in Paris, but after his return to his hometown Larack, Henry learns about...

Sin-Eater: Book Three - Renegade
Bryan Alaspa

Grady McDonnell is the latest in a long line of sineaters, people who absorb and cleanse the souls of the recently deceased. He has been working for a mysterious Organization that sends him around the world, doing his job, but lately he has begun to wonder who is behind the Organization and why he is sent where he is sent.
In this novel, he learns that the Organization hires a lot of special people like him. Including another...

Nola Gals
Barbara J. Rebbeck

Essence LaFontaine and Grace Woodson don’t know each other, but soon Hurricane Katrina will blow into their lives, forcing them together into a different kind of storm—a storm swirling with the winds of bigotry and prejudice.
The hurricane strikes with a fury and although sisters Essence and Chardonnai are rescued, their grandmother Mimmi stays behind with their skinny poodle, George. After terrifying hours in the Superdome they board a bus for the Houston Astrodome along with other...

D. B. Silvis

A woman is found strangled, floating in the swimming pool of a fashionable Ft. Lauderdale estate. Private detective Jake Wayde is hired to find the killer.
Jeffery Rhineman, a man known to Wayde from a previous case, is pursued by both Iranian and Palestinian operatives as he tries to sell a deadly formula invented by his late father, the famous chemist Dr. Frederick Rhineman. Reneging on the the deal to supply the formula, Jeffery goes into hiding. As people are murdered, Wayde learns...

Full Circle - A Duke Lost
Nicci Mayne

The Duke of Bramford is finally settling into the routine of ducal responsibility after a decade of serving King and country. The only obstacle standing in the way of fulfilling his dreams is his best friend, the Earl of Milford. Where the Duke is compassionate and strongwilled, the Earl is straightlaced and obstinate. Where the Duke finds it in his heart to marry the woman who has been his intended since her birth, the Earl believes that she will bring nothing but embarrassment and...