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My name is Tracey Wickham and I am a self-published independent writer.I am the author of the Anya Harding series and also the Eternal Fae series of books. I have a Blog on my main website, but I use that to let people know what is happening with my books and writing. This Blog will be more about my day to day life as a writer. I will be posting on a regular basis and I hope you enjoy reading my posts

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A Murder Is Foreseen (The Anya Harding Series Book 1)
Tracey Wickham

Anya Harding is a Reiki Master/Teacher who runs her own successful business, but her life changes when she starts having a recurring dream about a murder.
Anya then discovers she has developed clairvoyant abilities and that the dream she is having is actually showing a murder which has not yet been committed. To complicate matters more Anya is also told that she is a witch.
Anya then starts working with the Police to try and stop the murder from happening. But with details sketchy...

Have You Read?
Autumn Sky
Helen Pryke

The day Julia’s best friend Becky gives her a magazine article to read, her whole world falls apart. After years of emotional and psychological abuse, is Julia ready to face the truth about her perfect marriage to Simon or will she continue to hide her head in the sand? Autumn Sky is a short story of 7,000 words by the author of Walls of Silence.......

The Bitterest Pill
Howard Robinson

A London teenager's discovery that he had been adopted at birth and never told sends him into a spiral of depression, setting off a chain of tragic and fatal events that have ramifications for everyone he comes into contact with.......

Gypsy Duke
Felicia Mires

In the midst of the Napoleonic wars, another battle rages.
The Duke of Somerset is soon to die, but he's not about to give up control of his family. He changes his will, forcing his son and heir John to remain under the authority of a man dissipated by alcohol and perversion, Lord Bartholomew, the Duke's brother.
When Bartholomew makes threats against the young woman John is supposed to marry and then challenges the betrothal, John take steps to protect Kitty. He forbids her from...

The Murder Diaries - Seven Times Over
David Carter

A Lay Preacher is run down on the bypass. A Right Reverend falls beneath the London Express. An old fisherman drowns in the canal. Accident, suicide, or murder?
Inspector Walter Darriteau of Chester police doesn’t believe in coincidences. He is interested, and his doubts are confirmed when another body is discovered.
Maggie O’Brien, propped up on a bench in Delamere forest, dew dripping from her nose, a cobweb stretched from her hat to the arm of the bench, death by carbon...

If I Had You (Christmas In Harper Falls)
Mary J. Williams

Lila Fleming.
Good sister. Good friend. Good girl.
Lila spends her life walking a straight line. No swerves. No excitement. Her future seems mapped out. A very boring future. One where her secret dreams will never see the light of day.
Then one snowfilled day, she meets a man who will shake up her routine, capture her heart, and help make all her dreams come true.
Welcome to a Harper Falls Christmas. Filled with laughs, old friends, and a happily ever after. Oh, and Cooper. A dog...