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Zané Sachs's blog, including: Advice from Sadie the Sadist, InQuisitions of authors, contests, and general insanity.

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Sadie's Guide to Catching Killers: A Sadie Novella (Twisted)
Zané Sachs

Sadie may seem like the typical girl next doorexcept she isn't. At age eight, when she finds Mommy in the bathtub, floating in a pool of blood, Sadie becomes obsessed with murder. Sadie's Guide to Catching Killers is the prekill to Sadie the Sadist: Xtremely Black Humor/Horror, delving into Sadie's bizarre childhood to unravel what makes her the psycho we know and love. The story you've got in your hot little hands (unless you're holding something else) is a twisted comingofage story, Black...

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Between Hope and Despair
Jackie Williams

Haunted by memories that cannot be real, Eleanor Sedgewick struggles to live a normal life, while keeping herself and her sister Sarah prisoner in her tormented world. It isn't until she meets a stranger on a holiday recommended by her doctor, and begins to open up to love, and to the truth, she hovers between hope and despair.
Bonus short story, Giants & Cherries
Megan learns the lessons of life, good and bad, from the stories her father told her, and the stories he lived.......

Fear Inducer
Ellie Douglas

They believed there phobias were just nightmares...
They believed Doctor Felix Bloom would cure them...
They were... So WRONG!
Doctor Felix Bloom preys on people with phobias, by using their worst fears he gets them to do the unthinkable.
If you thought being scared to death was a myth, think again.
Doctor Felix Bloom will prove you wrong.......

The Portal Prophecies: A Keeper's Destiny
C. A. King

Book one of the Portal Prophecies Series, A Keeper's Destiny, follows a group of ancient races who join together with some unlikely teenage heroes.The only clues they have to help them are hidden within predictions contained in a book written long ago.
Can they unravel the mysteries of their past and over come the deceptions of their leaders? Will they be able to decipher the prophecies in time to stop invading armies?
Join Willow and her friends in this fast paced adventure.......

Passions, Strengths & Self Esteem! The Extensive Guide-
Dr. Orly Katz

Surviving Primary School! – The essential self esteem book for kids ages 912…
Read it FREE as part of your PRIME or Kindle Unlimited membership
I was always an outstanding athlete. I was the class champion at sprinting; my room was bursting with trophies…
This happened in grade 5. All of us still looked and sounded like young kids when I, and only I, started to develop a ‘phenomenon’:
I suddenly started to grow hairs on my arms and on my legs. This was thick...

Kane's Cross: Witchfinder (Witchfinder 2)
E.M.G. Wixley

Kane is battling posttraumatic stress disorder after experiencing the horrifying death of a friend whilst on tour of duty in Afghanistan. His mental state is fragile and he selfmedicates with alcohol. It’s whilst drinking that he meets Poppy, a young woman who resembles his sister who recently went missing under mysterious circumstances.
Oliver is a young archaeologist whose career is threatened by his numerous crippling phobias.
The three young people are drawn together as they...