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Eli's Coming (Chasing The Night Book 1)
Darcia Helle

Eli’s dark legacy holds murder as his rite of passage. They say his ability is a gift. He calls it a curse. A life of violence and heartache leaves him with nothing left to fight for.
Or so he thinks.
Amanda steals his heart, but love makes him vulnerable. He must give her up or accept who he is and fight.
Will he risk stepping into the darkness that could consume him?

Have You Read?
John C. Dalglish

CROSSOVER (The Chaser Chronicles 1)
Jack Carter has a calling on his life, and it's not your ordinary ministry. He's been called to be a Chaser.
The problem for Jack, he has no clue what a Chaser is.
But he'll soon find out.
Detective Amanda Myers is Jack's best friend, but his feelings run deeper than she knows. Despite his mother's encouragement, Jack can't...

The Mailed Fist
Grey Wolf

A short story set in an alternate present where great powers have parcelled up the world and reached out into space. An alien object comes calling.........

Murder With My Darling (Bonnie Lou Mysteries Book 1)
Annie Acorn

Missing County, Tennessee’s, residents are all atwitter. Having been in everyone’s way all of his life, Johnny Brown has been murdered, and his body has been dumped in the county’s best fishing hole.
Never fear. Bonnie Lou Ladner, owner of the area’s premier beauty shop, is hot on the trail, unbeknownst to Missing County’s handsome sheriff! Quickly patting down her bouffant, she is committed to tracking down the murderer before the area’s all important deer hunting season...

Elbourne House: Volume 1
Fran Connor

The Elbourne House
Expirate, Daniel Carver returns home to the East Hampshire area of England intent on living a peaceable life with his stolen fortune. Daniel quickly finds himself in the middle of a fierce battle for Elbourne House with Charles Withington, the money hungry scoundrel attempting to steal Elbourne House from the current owners the Abercrombie family. The Elbourne House series follows the stories of the families in and around Elbourne House from the mid 17th...

Why My Life Matters: This Might Inspire You!
Phanuel Muverengwi

“Does my life matter at all?” a number of people ask themselves.
If you think your life matters, what evidence do you have to support this position? If you think that your life matters not, what’s your basis for such a conclusion?
If you think that your life matters not, and you want it to matter, what steps should you take to make it so? What, in your view, would make your life matter or matter more this side of Heaven?
What does “to matter” really mean anyway?