Imagine The Possibilites by Margaret A. Daly

I want to Help Authors promote and market their books. I promote you, and you promote me. Hi! My name is Margaret. I'm a first-time author of a coming of age-supernatural fantasy, a freelancer, and a published poet. I know promoting, and marketing can be frustrating, to say the least. So, I wanted to create a place to showcase authors and there books, and this is what I've done here. I'm not here on the vast world of the internet to just promote my book. I'm here to offer authors the opportunity to promote and market their materials on my website. I have a soul that compels me to help others. Not everyone is an instant success, so let's join together and help one another rise up. Please visit my website/Blog and take a look around.

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Sapphire & Me: A Beautiful Friendship

A fun story for children. A little girl meets her new best friend, Sapphire the snake. They spend the day together, learning about each other and planning a grand adventure.......

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M.E. and me: Chronic Fatigue: My Recovery After 10 Years.
Stuart Aken

ME/CFS is a devastating condition. Stuart Aken suffered for 10 years and has now recovered. Here, he gives a personal account and advice to help sufferers and carers alike.

Instinctive Heroes: Come the Moment Heroes Step Forward
Sydney Carr

In 1958, dramatic events continue to disrupt the lives of every day working folk in the tough but friendly town of Ashington.
In this sequel to ‘Heroes’; having survived years of torment and abuse at the hands of her drunken husband recently hanged for the murder of a police officer, the beautiful Jane, helped by the unexpected inheritance from her father, begins to build a new life for herself and her children. When the loathsome McArdles resurface keen to take a share of Jane and...

The Spirit Guide
Elizabeth Davies

Seren has an unusual gift – she sees spirits, the shades of the dead.
Terrified of being accused of witchcraft, a very real possibility in twelfth century Britain, she keeps her secret close, not even confiding in her husband.
But when she gives her heart and soul to a man who guides spirits in the world beyond the living, she risks her secret and her life for their love.

Forgiving Zander (Survival Trilogy Book 2)
Rebecca Clare Smith

“But Zander found a cure,” Kitty’s voice replied, a squeak in the void.
A snort sounded. “Zander’s never coming back. He only cares about himself. He won’t be back for us.” An angry pause. “She’s going to die & become one of them. We’ll have to kill her.”
“Then what was the point in saving me,” I murmured, weakly opening my eyes.

Hunted. Haunted. Heartbroken.
Far from improving, Cadence Laurence’s problems have only gotten worse with the uncrowned...

My Crazy World: Collected Poems
John Evans

This is a collection of 16 poems covering a variety of subjects. These are personal musings and philosophies of my own, at times slightly comical at others a little dark and brooding. Ultimately these represent some of my experiences in the world to date.......