Imagine The Possibilites by Margaret A. Daly

I want to Help Authors promote and market their books. I promote you, and you promote me. Hi! My name is Margaret. I'm a first-time author of a coming of age-supernatural fantasy, a freelancer, and a published poet. I know promoting, and marketing can be frustrating, to say the least. So, I wanted to create a place to showcase authors and there books, and this is what I've done here. I'm not here on the vast world of the internet to just promote my book. I'm here to offer authors the opportunity to promote and market their materials on my website. I have a soul that compels me to help others. Not everyone is an instant success, so let's join together and help one another rise up. Please visit my website/Blog and take a look around.

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Sapphire & Me: A Beautiful Friendship

A fun story for children. A little girl meets her new best friend, Sapphire the snake. They spend the day together, learning about each other and planning a grand adventure.......

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Sweet Melissa: Destination Unknown (Book Four 4)
Susan Segovia-Munoz

You better be careful of what you wish for. That hunger, that craving, that need. That longing and that fulfillment of satisfaction. It just might turn your life into a living hell. At the very best your worst nightmare.
I so desperately wanted to be loved, accepted and appreciated. I wanted to fit in. Somewhere. Anywhere. My selfesteem had dwindled down to nothingness. My fear of rejection kept me at rock bottom.

A Place to Die
Rusty Savage

A PLACE TO DIE is the story of Johnny Ringo when he discovers what it means to be haunted by a killer who has taken the life of his only brother. The labyrinthine trail will lead him through the hills of Kentucky in 1938 as he takes on the role of amateur investigator. The story envelopes all that is rare about the region and its people⎯tradition, loyalty and kindness as well as clannishness. Yet it stands alone in two important ways. First, it shows an underlying passion and support...

The Seasons of Cherryvale
Beverly Nault

$4.99 on Kindle. 6 complete books in one volume. With Beverly Nault's laugh out loud humor and tender, grab-your-hankie moments, take a trip to the small town filled with colorful characters where you'll want to return again and again. "Cherryvale, where neighbors care, gardeners share, and God allows do-overs."

Emelyse and Bergas (The Keldarra Series Book 2)
Nathalie M.L. Römer

This is a characterdriven story based on the series The Wolf Riders of Keldarra.
Emelyse's story started long before Marrida and Alagur met her in Azaquina. Her hidden past, and the consequences of it, are revealed in greater detail in this story.
Bergas is young boy whose life has already been filled many times with turmoil. But this is the story of his close relationship with a father he lost so tragically.........

Misty Mountain (Smoky Mountain Romance Book 2)
P.C. Zick

When Lacy and George begin dating, each of them keeps a shield around their hearts. Lacy's been hurt so many times, she's afraid to let another man come close. George, reeling from a bitter divorce, doesn't trust women for fear they're all like his exwife.
Working together at Misty Mountain in a small town in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains creates its own set of problems, especially when the exwife moves into town. Lacy's family history causes further complications when too many...