ITS HERE!!! Three Little Monsters - Gruesome Gets A Toothache by Jessica Snape

Our new title 'Gruesome Gets A Toothache' is now available to buy from CREATESPACE, AMAZON as an Ebook presently and paperback within the next few days. We have had a lot of fun preparing the book and with the help of our amazing illustrator Jasmine Mills, the monsters have a life of their own. Take a look and see for yourselves at: CREATE SPACE AMAZON - EBOOK (PAPERBACK TO FOLLOW)

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Three Little Monsters in Gruesome Gets A Toothache (The Three
Jessica Snape

Gruesome finds out the hard way that even scary monsters have to go to the Dentist when he eats his favourite food…Snails! A trip to Doctor Cavity should sort his problem out as long as he listens to what the Dentist says…but will he?......

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