The Flame by Mark A Evans

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The Flame
Mark Evans

We follow the adventures of Julie, a high school freshman living in a small midcoast Maine town. At a time of loss, Julie discovers that she has a very rare ability which will alter the future for her and her brother Ed. They have so much to learn and no one to help them. A boarding camp in the middle of the Maine woods and strangers from distant countries await them. A mystery is afoot, and they are the only ones who can solve it.......

Have You Read?
Blood Day will stretch your imagination to its limit!
Sarah Butland

Most of the families I was moved into reminded me of “Leave it to Beaver” when I was more the “Family Guy” type.

Cronus Attacks (The Chronicles of Ethan Grimley III Book 2)
Lissa Dobbs

Ethan Grimley III was given the Harpe of Gaia when he stepped up to save a friend. Now he must leave his home in Land's End and travel to the country of Corleon. He must join the Shadow Walker guild and learn what being a Shadow Walker is all about.
But shortly after his arrival the guild hall is attacked. No one knows who is attacking or why, but Ethan is determined to find out and to protect his new friends and home. He heads out into the streets of Ymla to find the mysterious attacker...

The Awakening (Hope and Magic)
Amanda Steel

The second short novel in a series of three.
Hope has been under a sleeping curse for ten years. Now she's about to wake up and discover how different the world is from the one she knew before. Witches out number humans. While many humans have magic, it's not enough to defeat the witches. That job falls to Hope and her twin brother Ben, but neither of them are sure how they're supposed to fulfil their destiny.......

In The Genes (Psychopath Book 2)
K.D Bloodworth

Recovered from her physical injuries Dawn received escaping from a serial killer, the demons from the experience haunt her. The memories push her into a dark abyss of fear, which finally forces her into therapy.

Finally thriving after many months of therapy, Dawn and John, take a long needed vacation to Montana, proving she has completely healed. To their surprise, they find the perfect small town to set down new roots and start their life over again. Circumstances have Dawn moving...

Pretty Flamingo
Perry Martin

For most of his life, successful musician DAVID PERRY has struggled with his inability to truly love another. In the aftermath of his latest failed relationship, he wonders if he will ever find the one person who can break through the impenetrable barrier that, for some unknown reason, he longago erected around his heart.
In the deep of the night, while he sleeps, something awakens and emerges from David’s subconscious; and thus begins an emotional journey to a part of his past he never...