The Flame by Mark A Evans

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The Flame
Mark Evans

We follow the adventures of Julie, a high school freshman living in a small midcoast Maine town. At a time of loss, Julie discovers that she has a very rare ability which will alter the future for her and her brother Ed. They have so much to learn and no one to help them. A boarding camp in the middle of the Maine woods and strangers from distant countries await them. A mystery is afoot, and they are the only ones who can solve it.......

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Medieval Blood
Mary Blowers

Countess Bathory truly was a bloodthirsty royal in the 1500s. Set in the 1500's, it details how she might have killed her victimsand why. Learn about her reign of terror over her castle and servants. She was convicted of the murder of many people, because she thought that their blood would rejuvenate her skin. This is an entirely fictional account based on the story.......

Water Over Blood (Last Moon Rising #3)
Dale Ibitz

The nonstop action continues in the third book of the Last Moon Rising young adult fantasy series.
Darkness. Pain. Loss.
This is what seventeenyearold Haley feels when waking up in a damp, gloomy cave. She doesn’t know who or where she is, nor does she remember that she is Eyidemos, a descendant of the God of Air. All she knows is the dark angel, Dane, who comes to her rescue, making her feel safe and protected. It’s from Dane, descendant of the God of Fire, that she learns she’s...

The Plan
Raven H. Price

As a young child, Rachel Parody has a very special relationship with Jesus. By his side, she explores a magical place, is comforted, and encouraged to not live in fear. Over time, Rachel and Jesus lose contact and evil demons use their time of separation to steer her into the ways of the world. Not until her heart is completely broken and her mind is convinced she is headed for hell will she seek a facetoface encounter again with her Savior. At the age of thirtyfour, Rachel learns to...

Stuck with Me: A romantic comedy set in Mauritius
Cassandra Piat

Molly, known for her unflagging optimism and constant cheeriness, is thrilled to win an allexpenses paid vacation to Mauritius. She packs her camera and a few colourful bikinis and can’t wait to have some fun in the sun. Little does she know there’s a catch.
Adam is a journalist on assignment and his mission is to test Molly’s optimism and see how far she can be pushed before she breaks. Surely it can’t be that hard?
What happens when Molly meets the hilariously cantankerous...

DOTTY and the Calendar House Key: (A Magical Fantasy Adventure
Emma Warner-Reed

Awardwinning fiction from 1 bestselling children's author, Emma WarnerReed.
Following the death of her parents in a tragic firework accident, nine and a half year old Welsh girl, Dotty Parsons, is sent to live with her Great Uncle Winchester at The Calendar House a vast old country house in deepest, darkest Yorkshire.
Once there, Dotty is disturbed by noises coming from the chimneys and soon suspects everything is not as it seems. The cook tells her the noises are just jackdaws...