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Love Over Time
Raine Balkera

A chance encounter at the airport is innocent enough, but it sets in motion a chain of calamitous events that leave photographer, Kaisa Dalen, badly shaken and jet pilot, Perry Lindstrom, reluctantly determined to protect her at all cost.
She believes in fate but is determined to break the spell of an ancient curse in order to experience true love without fear of dying as a result of that love.
He believes in vicious cycles, or the sins of the father being visited on the son, but is...

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Perfectly Played: A Peter Mitchell Story
Stuart Murray

Peter Mitchell is a PI without a single case. He’s also flat broke and late with a payment to the wrong kind of people. Their motivational speakers are coming for a visit, and with nothing to give them the morning is off to a rough start.
He has two choices, none appealing: Let them break every bone in his body before taking a cement shoe trip to the bottom of the river, or, take an express ride on the bullet train to the other side.
Sometimes the choice is easy. This was one of...

Midnight Whispers
Lynette Marie

Set in the colonial era, Midnight Whispers is, quite simply, a beautifully written love story with a historical context and laced with action, adventure and comedy. Central to the story is the relationship between Cathrynn and Duncan, a relationship that quickly evolves from ownerservant into friendship and, ultimately, love. Many authors might have felt the need to force this process along, but Lynette Marie's characters are so real and well developed that they carry the story along with...

Clutter Land (Children's Picture Books for ages 3-6. Early
Denise McCabe

Joey does not like to tidy up his toys, and his mother is constantly tripping over them. He just laughs and runs away when he is asked to tidy them up. Things change when Joey gets transported to Clutter Land and he begins to see things differently.
Join Joey on his crazy adventure where he meets silly Jumbles the monkey that loves bananas and Gooey the Frog and Fluster the ostrich that never heard the word ‘tidy up’ (Activities included also)


Welcome to Rock Creek, New York.
A onestoplight town in the middle of nowhere, on the way to nowhere.
A town ruled by quiet, country boredom.
The locals have another name for it:
But not for the reason you think.
Rock Creek has a deadly secret. It’s a place where nothing is as it seems. Where killers walk amongst the townsfolk. Where monsters are real, and old houses serve as something more than gateways to sprawling farm land.
It’s evil’s...

Heather Little

Remember when you were a kid in middle school and the most important things were trying to fit in, trying to belong and just wanting to be liked? Then puberty comes along and gives you the smackdown. Toss in mean girls, bullies and not to mention: discovering boys. . . Whoa! How does a girl cope? Well with best friends, of course.
Join Lucy as she encounters life fullon, learns how to accept herself and discovers the true meaning of selfworth and friendship.......