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Love Over Time
Raine Balkera

A chance encounter at the airport is innocent enough, but it sets in motion a chain of calamitous events that leave photographer, Kaisa Dalen, badly shaken and jet pilot, Perry Lindstrom, reluctantly determined to protect her at all cost.
She believes in fate but is determined to break the spell of an ancient curse in order to experience true love without fear of dying as a result of that love.
He believes in vicious cycles, or the sins of the father being visited on the son, but is...

Have You Read?
Lucy Pebble's Miracle
Lorraine O'Byrne

This heart warming tale unfolds in an enchanted wood called Willow Grove. Here lives a charming, determined little robin called Lucy Pebble.
All the robins in Willow Grove excitedly await the arrival of the new fledglings. There is much chatter and anticipation as the long wait finally comes to an end.
However, as each day dawns and eventually all the fledglings are born, only one egg does not hatch. It is the Pebble family egg.......

Kacie Taylor

Monsters exist, monsters who hunt for the one thing they lack—a soul. Though they were once human, they have no memory of who they were, no identity. They live without conscience or compassion. All of them except one. He is determined to fight against what he has become. But what happens when he finds a soul so bright, so pure, that he cannot resist? Will the monster within him win or will he become something he never thought possible? A great evil hides in the shadows and, Soulless or...

The Last Goodbye
David J Cooper

Juan Carlos is found dead in his car near his home. Was it an accident? Or something more sinister? His heartbroken partner reaches out to a lawyer friend to investigate his death. He believes that the local drug dealer killed him because they had a heated argument just before his death.
Will the lawyer be able to help them get justice? Not surprisingly, Juan's partner comes up against many obstacles – a falsified death report, threats to his life, drug dealers, corruption within the...

A Stranger in France
Kim Knight

In A Stranger in France readers are taken on a fast paced, modern day romantic journey, that spans across the city of London, the glitz and glam of France, and the beautiful English coast. There’s enough suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat turning pages.
Career driven and successful thirty two year old Kate Brown travels to southern France to visit her best friend Tanya Adams, for a well deserved short break, and to forget her worries in London. Her path crosses with tall,...

Paradoxical World: Reality Lost
Karl Kaulback

As humans we are able to process, execute thought, analyze, rationalize, come to conclusions, execute ideas, fantasize and dream, and yet fantasizing is our greatest treasure.
What is REALITY? Can we really make the distinction between the two?
Did you ever go to a certain location, and instantly have a recollection that you've been there previously. In your mind you know you have never been there, but how do you know for sure you haven't?
Keeping an open mind was the rule, but this...