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When Disconnected
Christine Vann

What connects you to reality, culture, time, and yourself?
This eclectic collection of eight short stories explores disconnect across an interesting range of scenarios and genres. These "tales to tug at the readers' hearts and broaden their minds" will give you a glimpse "under the surface of normality".......

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Singing To The End Of Life (Life's Outtakes - Year 5) 52
Daris Howard

52 Humorous And Inspirational Short Stories! Life’s Outtakes Volume 5
From the inspiration of a dying soldier’s wish of Singing To The End Of Life to the humor of Football Through The Eyes Of A Child, these 52 humorous and inspirational short stories (one for each week of the year) will make you laugh, reminisce, and contemplate the relationships you cherish most. Stories include:
Football Through The Eyes Of A Caught RedhandedThe World's Best Summer JobWhen Being Old Fashioned...

Planet Of The Eggs: Grimoire: Book of Spells

Planet of The Eggs, a humorous children’s comic book series continues with its actionpacked story, Grimoire: Book of Spells.
As they tumble through yet another portal the intrepid band of eggs and Hooter find themselves in the land of Shadowgate, lair of the Sorceress Sina and her minions.

The portal also spits out Parker, little brother to Eight Hooter, an untried young warrior.
After the kidnapping of Smudge the Learned and Twilight the Medic by the Sorceress’ minions,...

Zombies Ever After: Sirens of the Zombie Apocalypse, Book 6
E.E. Isherwood

Revelations are hereIt's only been three weeks since the zombies dumped into his life, and already Liam has found himself in the center of several major conspiracies by virtue of knowing one of the oldest women in America. He thinks the government is corrupt, the Polar Bear rebels are hopeless, and his desire to find a cure is tempered by the increasing strength and diversity of the plaguedriven walkers.
Arizonas. Dreamers. Runners. There are over fifty kinds of zombies—and they never...

Spirit of the Northwoods
Auria Jourdain

Since moving to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, junior Shannon Colfax and her autistic twin brother Shane have had a difficult time settling into their new school. When a feud erupts between Shannon and popular football jock Brent Duray after he bullies Shane, she finds an unlikely savior—and new love—in Brent’s friend, Cody Williams.
Stung by Cody's betrayal, Brent and his entourage devise a retaliation plan: if Shannon and Cody can survive the infamous Paulding Light...

Sow, Grow and Eat: From Plot to Kitchen
Punam Farmah

If you ever wondered how to sow and grow chillies, or what might be useful to know when growing tomatoes and what happens when radishes go wrong, then you will need to have a look inside! Building on the experiences of ‘Playing with Plant Pots: Tales from the allotment’ there is more to be learned from the fruit and vegetable plot. With a few allotment plot staples revisited and others that you might not ordinarily think about, this second book also contains further recipes to be tried...