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When Disconnected
Christine Vann

What connects you to reality, culture, time, and yourself?
This eclectic collection of eight short stories explores disconnect across an interesting range of scenarios and genres. These "tales to tug at the readers' hearts and broaden their minds" will give you a glimpse "under the surface of normality".......

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The Madeleine Richards Box Set (The Madeleine Richards Series
Juliette Duncan

THE MADELEINE RICHARDS BOX SET must read MiddleGrade Christian fiction for girls aged ten to thirteen, who are looking for a heartwarming story, full of adventure, personal struggle, and Christian values.
A bonus prequel for moms, Hank and Sarah – A Love Story, is also available FREE from inside the book.
At twelveyears of age, Maddy Richards has everything she needs in life – good friends, a loving mother, and a home she loves. When her mother...

Evelyn (Orlan Orphans Book 5)
Kirsten Osbourne

Evelyn Sanders is a smart, confident woman, who is tired of the games boys play. She wants to marry, but she needs someone who will be honest with her and treat her like a lady. When one of her students misbehaves in class, and she meets with his father, she is unprepared for the feelings that spring to life for him, despite his seemingly uncaring attitude about his son’s misdeeds.
Frank Keifer moved to Nowhere, Texas, to start a ranch and escape the unhappy memories of his ancestral...

Rachel Jane

A magical time awaits the Kindling twins in Pandalmonia. A wondrous new life away from the hardships and brutal life of the orphanage and foster homes. The Kindling twins find their new home a mystical land filled with giant moles, fairies, dragons, eight foot tall Centremeads, a talking cat and a crazy ghost.
But danger lurks in Pandalmonia, the Darklands ruler wants to destroy every last one of the Kindling's.
The Kindling's must venture out on a deadly mission to save the shire...

Dinosaur and Monster and The Man in The Moon (Dinosaur and
Suzanne Pollen

Dinosaur and Monster and The Man in The Moon.
The 3rd in The Dinosaur and Monster stories. On noticing how big The Moon was one evening, the intrepid duo set out to see if they can reach The Moon. After some daft attempts by Monster it's Dino who has the cunning plan to use balloons and a chair and away they both go!!......

My Inner Thoughts of You
Tania Giguere

An exciting glimpse into the reality of one's being a place that few have ever traveled. Its greatness gives way to the beat of your heart the sound of your soul feeding the mind.
Taking away the shame and placing the worth of you into a world of madness. Giving hope to the wayward and passing a gift of life to another brings joyous pleasure.
It is a place that will lead your spirit into a realm of everlasting love closing the void that haunts your dreams leaving its uselessness in...