Sprinkled Notes by Julie Seedorf

Our life is full of sprinkles. I sprinkle sugar on my cereal so it will be sweeter. I sprinkle water on my clothes so the wrinkles can be ironed out. I sprinkle my little grandchildren with kisses so they giggle. I sprinkle opinions out into the universe whether the universe wants them or not. I sprinkle my co-workers and family with confusion because my mind is always full of these sprinkles and meandering in one direction or the other. The sprinkles are the little thoughts that are always wandering through my mind waiting to drop on the next idea, the next creative moment or the poor person that happens to be with me when the sprinkled thoughts are twirling out into the universe. So I am sprinkling my notes on this blog and putting them out into the universe where all can see.

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Granny Hooks A Crook (Fuchsia, Minnesota Book 1)
Julie Seedorf

Granny leads a secret life in the small, unique community of Fuschia, Minnesota. It’s not just her all junk food diet, multiplying pets, or her shocking bedtime attire that makes Granny one in a million. No, Granny is an undercover cop, charged by “the Big Guy” (the town’s police chief) of preventing theft in local stores. Granny takes her job seriously and daily foils many shoplifters using her trusty spiked umbrella and amazing acting skills. When some startlingly brazen...

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The Bugman: You never know who's listening (The Bugman
Will Conrad

The Bugman Chronicles Book 1.
“The Bugman”
Privacy is relative.
Those with money can buy it for themselves or buy someone with the skills and willingness to invade it.
David is a professional eavesdropper. For a fee he will record any conversation the client asks for. His job, of dubious legality and even more suspect morality, he moves in a world of bent lawyers, petty criminals and the flotsam and jetsam of the fringes of society. While not quite living off the grid,...

The Falling Away: Christian End Times Novel (Perilous Times
Cliff Ball

The Falling Away, a Christian end times novel, is the first novel in the Perilous Times Series. On sale for $.99 and then will be $2.99.
Doctor Neal Kirkland works at an advanced hospital in the Dallas area. One day, he comes across a patient and his family, the Carson's, who are Christians, which is rare in this novel's universe since very few people go to church. After seeing their faith, and they talk to him about Christ, he accepts Christ as his Savior.
Meanwhile, a race war might...

Eloah: No Religion
Lex Allen

A spectacular global holograph.
Supernatural beings engage in conclusive battle.
The fate of the world lies in the balance.

Heart of a Dreadwolf (Dreadwolf Series Book 3)
Marie Pennington

When Namid's Mother is killed in cold blood, and finds out she could be in danger herself, she decides to run away to keep the rest of her family safe. But safe from who?

When the Dreadwolves find out about the murder, they send Denali to town in order to bring Namid back to their village, but who are they really trying to keep safe?

Priest Itzcoatl wants the girl brought back when he finds out she's run off. He offers to help find the girl, but her stepfather Apollyon...

Dreaming in Dairyland (At the Altar Book 4)
Kirsten Osbourne

Be sure to check out my newest releases, Kissing in Kansas which released September 15th, and Ruby that released August 8th. A complete list of my work can be found here http://wp.me/P4369H7o
Cissie Rivers finds herself jealous of her best friend, Cindy, for the first time in her life. Cissie's always been smart, pretty, and a wonderful singer, but Cindy has found love, and Cissie is still alone. She isn't sure how much longer she can wait for matchmaker, Lachele, to find her perfect...