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After All Is Said And Done: A Novel of Infidelity, Healing, &
Belinda G. Buchanan

Nobody wakes up one morning and decides that this is the day they are going to cheat on their spouse, but when the opportunity presents itselfit ultimately becomes a choiceand that choice, whether good or bad, can have irrevocable consequences.
Thirtyfouryearold Ethan Harrington is a brilliant doctor, devoted husband, eager father to be...and borderline alcoholic. He has spent the better part of a year trying to forgive his wife, Jessica, for her infidelity, but her betrayal with a...

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Twilight of Doom, A Taylor and Alan Adventure
Jackie Mae

Taylor’s family had patiently waited a whole year for this. Being on vacation in Ocean City was the stuff kid’s dreams were made of; cotton candy, sun, sand, waves, pizza, crabs, the boardwalk, and the carnival. For two whole weeks every year they packed their belongings and headed down to Ocean City, Maryland.
Once there, their parents let most of the rules about healthy eating fall away during vacation. Taylor and her brother Alan are having the time of their lives doing fun...

The Human Script: A novel in 23 chromosomes
Johnny Rich

"A captivating, intelligent and deeply affecting exploration of science, literature and ideas"
Tom McCarthy, author of Man Booker shortlisted 'Satin Island' and 'C'
BOOK OF THE YEAR 2015: "Brave, intelligent and gloriously unsettling"
Book Smoke
"An engaging novel, brimming with ideas... To say I enjoyed 'The Human Script' would be an understatement."
London in the spring of 2000: Chris Putnam, a young scientist working on the Human Genome Project, is grieving...

Stop That Turtle (A Zippy Adventure Book 2)
Beth Lauzier

Who knew turtles could go so fast?
As Kobe is on the ride of his life, Zippy must find a way to stop that turtle.
Maybe it’s a good thing turtles go slow after all.

Mud on your Face
Rachel McGrath

Gus is a sevenyearold boy who comes from a very large family with eight brothers and sisters.
Sometimes Gus feels left out, picked on, or even forgotten by his family. He wonders what life might be like if he had no brothers or sisters, and if he was an only child.
On a family camping trip Gus finds himself lost in the woods, left behind by his family.
A different adventure takes place for Gus with a strange new friend.
Be careful what you wish for….
This is a fun adventure...

Havana Heat: Romance Set in Paradise Series #1: Book One
Kim Knight

Havana Heat is book one of the Romance Set in Paradises series of modern,steamy, suspenseful and romantic stories, set in exotic locations around the world. In Havana Heat readers are transported to the paradise of Cuba's capital Havana, following the romance and heat build between Spaniard Detective Sebastian Garcia, and London born and bred wedding planner Melinda Jones. Melinda's path crosses with the handsome and charming Detective at Casa De Amour Hotel as a guest at her client's...