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After All Is Said And Done: A Novel of Infidelity, Healing, &
Belinda G. Buchanan

Nobody wakes up one morning and decides that this is the day they are going to cheat on their spouse, but when the opportunity presents itselfit ultimately becomes a choiceand that choice, whether good or bad, can have irrevocable consequences.
Thirtyfouryearold Ethan Harrington is a brilliant doctor, devoted husband, eager father to be...and borderline alcoholic. He has spent the better part of a year trying to forgive his wife, Jessica, for her infidelity, but her betrayal with a...

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Protector: The Final Adventure (Siam Storm Book 4)
Robert A Webster

The hilarious adventure continues in, Protector, the fourth book of the Siam Storm Series…
Spock furrowed his brow while looking at his annoying mate. “Come on then buggerlugs, what’s the book about?”
Stu tapped his fingers on the closed laptop looking smug.
“Well, is it a twisty turny thought provoking thriller like James Patterson or John Grisham?”
Stu puckered his brow and squinted, “Nah, not exactly,” he said and grinned.
Spock looking miffed and sounded...

Eclectic Complete
Ronald Allen Bell

The entire collection of Ronald Allen Bell to date. A most delightfully fantastic collection of romance, horror, fictional stories, phycological, religious and political pieces.
Every human emotion, that in this life we entertain; and all that which we ponder, as we traverse our current plain.
The look not soon forgotten, sweet it was, yes, our first love.
The tears we tried to stop, that still would drop, when it came undone.
The friendship that you lost, when in death they...

Tools of the Trade: A Tom Guthrie Novel (Tom Guthrie Trilogy
Allan L Mann

Tom Guthrie has recently retired from Tayside Police. He found life after the force difficult to deal with, so he started a private investigation company and found himself consulting to the newly formed Police Scotland.
The amalgamation of the old regional forces has left Police Scotland short of resources in Serious Crimes. When the body of Bobby Gant, head of research and development for a local outdoor clothing manufacturer, is found tied to the rocks below the high tide line at the...

Terrible Me
Elizabeth Cooper

The Emerald Thief holds your gaze, turning your thoughts into her own. There's no stopping the string of robberies that follow her. Until she meets Rebecca, a detective, someone with the same emerald green eyes as her. She can't understand why she's trying to help her and not just arresting her like she should. What are Rebecca's plans for Emerald Thief? Will she survive them?......

A Tale of Two Colonies
Aurora Springer

Fight for freedom, fight to survive!
For refugees from an overcrowded Earth, dreams of a better life on an alien planet transform into a terrifying battle for survival.