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I am the proud author of There's Always Love and the sequel There's Always Adventures in Love. Please check out my blog to see news and updates.

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There's Always Love (The Jade Mysteries Book 1)
Joycie Russ

Jade Simmons, a young homicide detective has a recurring dream that leads her into reopening a cold case as a favor to a friend. As she searches for answers, she discovers old family secrets and she finds herself further from finding the answers she desires. Will she be able to find the killer before the killer finds her?......

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Dangerous: An Intimate Journey to the Heart of Boxing
Ian Probert

The long-awaited sequel to the classic Rope Burns. "The writing style is incredibly personal... The end is also utterly beautiful."
"harrowing in places, but also very funny…"

Anna K Payne

Pregnant. Divorced. Alone.
Lily witnesses an argument turned murder. Linked to the crime scene in the eyes of both the police and the killer, Lily’s life is now at risk.
As the attempts on her life escalate, Lily seeks companionship in a newly formed bible study. Through these friendships and a new man in her life she learns she is worthy of love. Will these relationships keep her safe? Or will they provide opportunities for the killer?
Lily, Return to Happiness, is the first...

Mama's Slippers: A Play in Two Acts
Jim Melanson

A stage play script that reads like a good story. An exploration of a mother's love for her son and her son's discovery of the woman she really was.......

Journey to the Center of the Earth: The Advent
John Pirillo

San Francisco is struck by a tsunami and earthquake that level the city and kill millions. The Golden Gate Bridge collapses.
London's Tower of London, Big Ben and many other historical areas are flattened by a massive earthquake.
Delhi, India is destroyed.
Moscow, Russia is turned to rubble.
Beijing, China is swallowed by the earth opening up beneath it.
Billions die in a matter of minutes.
The earth is no longer the safe place humans assumed it was.
As new nations are...

Timeless Moments
Michelle Kidd

Jack Vines has the Victorian home of his dreamsor so it seems until he discovers an intriguing beauty lurking in the shadows. Stunned, he finds they share the house but live a century apart. The realization leads him to questions so disturbing it changes both their lives forever. She is a prisoner of the past, shrouded in a world of dark mysteries. He holds the keys that will protect their future. But first, he must solve the mystery concealed for nearly a hundred...