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I am the proud author of There's Always Love and the sequel There's Always Adventures in Love. Please check out my blog to see news and updates.

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There's Always Love (The Jade Mysteries Book 1)
Joycie Russ

Jade Simmons, a young homicide detective has a recurring dream that leads her into reopening a cold case as a favor to a friend. As she searches for answers, she discovers old family secrets and she finds herself further from finding the answers she desires. Will she be able to find the killer before the killer finds her?......

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Clint the Lint Keeper: Clint learns to stay in the present

Misadventures, bad luck or just having a bad day, are normal events, part of everybody's life. As Clint goes on a journey, things start to happen. His first reaction is to shut down and keep bad memories alive in his heart to avoid further trouble. When this does not work, Clint learns from his cousin that a heart has to be cleaned often to keep a happy and open mind. A wonderfully illustrated story of resiliency for children!......

Unnatural Houses? By Philip and Richard Marcello

Houses have their own unique personalities. Some are old, big and scary. Others appear bland an innocent. In this book, we take you beyond the benign shell of five houses and into a world where they come alive.
I Like These people Joanne is trying to hide from an abusive husband with her son Noah. They take sanctuary in a noname community, in a house that seems to have a mind of its own. Have they found heaven or have they found hell?
Home for Sale Did you ever see one of those...

Abused and other stories
Rita Michaels

Abused A young girl’s silent cry for help as her father sexually abuses her and her younger sister.
Aliens Cathy McCain’s childhood nightmare returns, and this time, she is old enough to know they are real.
Broken Jessica Hanes’ life crumbles down the day her mother dies of a drug overdose. With no knowledge of any close relative, she shuffles from one foster home to another, and falls into the wrong hands.
The other side of him – After a long distance relationship...

A Garden for Sarah
Felicia Mires

Sparks fly when Sarah meets Rick at Fairview's first landscaping outlet.
In a tank top and khaki shorts, with muscles rippling, it's easy to see why female customers are flocking for Rick's attention.
Sarah's mother pushes her to give this more than attractive gardener a little encouragement, which is exactly why Sarah isn't the least bit interested. She has to set her wellmeaning, but meddlesome, mother straight. "I am not interested in a dirty, sweaty gardener."
Of course, Rick...

BOUNTY: Crime Fiction Prequel to BUSTED
Susan Swain

It’s all about money and a prized estate called Bounty.
Perce is used to getting what he wants and he wants Bounty, but getting it isn’t going to be easy. The current owner won’t give it up without a fight.
And when Perce falls victim to a serious illness, there is something very suspicious about the man who suddenly wants to be his friend. Who is the man called CJ and what does he really want?......