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Books, Life, Love, Food. I write about everything I would like to read about myself. I like to think that my blog is a reflection of my own eclectic interests and tastes. Come on over.

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Americans Bombing Paris
Thomas Bartlett

Americans Bombing Paris is a classic romantic thriller skewered with humour and geopolitics. An intoxicating mix of food, lust, Paris and misguided youth.
For Johnny and Naya trouble was unavoidable and in truth they never tried to avoid it. Humour, war and love entangle as Paris gets bombed and four lives come together and fall apart.
Paris October 2002, the Americans are going into Iraq and the French are acting all ornery. Irish Johnny and his English and American friends indulge...

Have You Read?
An Ill Wind Blows
Lori R. Lopez

The witty horrorfantasy novel AN ILL WIND BLOWS will take you on a rollicking adventure inside the belly of a storm who would be king. There you and an oddball bunch of nutty characters will encounter some of the wildest imaginings of author Lori R. Lopez (DANCE OF THE CHUPACABRAS, CHOCOLATECOVERED EYES, OUTOFMIND EXPERIENCES). Step through the cuckoo clock for a nonstop marathon of the bizarre where anything goes including zombie piranhas, ghosts, an alien, a witch, an axewielding elf,...

Dark Legacy
M. A. Anderson

Nominated for the 2012 Aurealis and Ditmar awards ~
Dark Legacy is the vampire crime novel that will grab you by your shirt front, pull you into its fastpaced, compelling plot and catapult you into its sinister immortal underworld, leaving you
breathless! If you love novels by Tanya Huff and Laurell K. Hamilton, you'll love this.........

Araknea - Book 1
Jean Kaczmarek

"Epic fantasy and sciencefiction in one, Araknea portrays a versicolor world full of violence and lust for power." This crossgenre bookfantasy mixed with steampunk, two tablespoons of mangas, populated by giants robots and zombies, is waiting for you. Take the path less travelled.
Let's discover a new fantasy saga ...ARAKNEA
When the Shrine of Fire from Adrion is stolen, Lords Skorpios has no doubt, that Friss, the Fortresssentinel of the North, is at the heart of this sacrilege....

Sources (The Vessel Book 2)
Kacie Taylor

Taela's city was destroyed and she lost many people she loved, but she cannot give up now. The Sources are waiting for her. She is the Vessel, the legendary being able to use these great gems of power. But first, she must find them. Cryptic clues, dangerous obstacles, and difficult choices are a guarantee in her quest, and she must not forget the sorceress who will stop at nothing to take the power for herself. If Taela can find a way to believe in her potential, she just might succeed in...

First Love, At Last

Everyone says that you cannot forget your FIRST LOVE. I believe it is quite true but not forgetting it has its own consequences. Karan went from one love to another trying to match them with his first. But, he eventually found it where he never expected it. But, did he?
Ira never wanted to fall in love, but, she did. But, even she did not expect that she would fall in love with that guy. She found her First Love in him. Or, did she?
Ira loved Karan but Karan loved Priya. There was a...