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Americans Bombing Paris
Thomas Bartlett

Americans Bombing Paris is a classic romantic thriller skewered with humour and geopolitics. An intoxicating mix of food, lust, Paris and misguided youth.
For Johnny and Naya trouble was unavoidable and in truth they never tried to avoid it. Humour, war and love entangle as Paris gets bombed and four lives come together and fall apart.
Paris October 2002, the Americans are going into Iraq and the French are acting all ornery. Irish Johnny and his English and American friends indulge...

Have You Read?
Darren (Children of the Night Book 2)
Heather Wielding

In the end, many things prove meaningless. Part from love. And blood.
Centuries ago, They came to deliver a farmer's son into darkness, demanding blood as payment for life eternal. Darren did not choose a vampire's path, but has walked it willingly for decades, considering Them as enemy. To ease his loneliness, he sires a child to a mortal woman. To share his darkness, he draws a girl named Belinda into his everlasting night.
A stranger to his mortal kin, isolated from his immortal...

Mystery in the Woods (Jean Hays Book 2)
Connie Cockrell

Jean has a volunteer job at the library, a good friend in Karen Carver, and spends her free time shopping for knickknacks at thrift stores around town. She even has a grudging respect for Police Chief Nick White, though they’re not what you’d call friendly. When a new dead body pops up, Jean is intrigued. The victim has been missing for more than a decade, and there seems to be an interesting story there that Jean and Karen just cannot resist. Uncovering secrets both old and new, Jean...

Looking into the Sun: A Novel of the Syrian Conflict
Todd Tavolazzi

“Looking Into the Sun is an actionpacked, engrossing tale that puts a face on the heartbreaking struggle of children caught up in the war in Syria. It’s one of those rare books whose story will remain with readers long after they put it down…” — Peter Telep
1 New York Times Bestselling Author of The Secret Corps
“An engrossing and authentic thriller. Remember the name Todd Tavolazzi. You’ll be seeing it a lot.” — Grant Blackwood
New York Times Bestselling...

The Turkeys are Coming
Pam Funke

It’s turkey hunting season and the turkeys have had enough. Wilbur, the alpha male, blames the workers of the hunting lodge for the hunting of his fellow turkeys. He gathers together a band of turkeys to enact his revenge against the lodge. Will they succeed in their mission against the hunting lodge? What will the workers do?

Rise of the Priestess (The Demon Lover's Chronicles Book 3)
Julian Coleman

César is the WINNER of the IAN 2016 OUTSTANDING Paranormal/Supernatural Book of the Year. Finish the saga.
Marie has always lived in the demon’s shadow. She forces her mother to keep a diabolical promise, but while trying to satisfy her daughter's demands, Angelina is outwitted and trapped. Once he has his beloved Angelina, César coerces her into a lusty marriage. Even as César enjoys Angelina as his carnal prize, Marie knows that she must send him back to hell.
Marie is...