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Americans Bombing Paris
Thomas Bartlett

Americans Bombing Paris is a classic romantic thriller skewered with humour and geopolitics. An intoxicating mix of food, lust, Paris and misguided youth.
For Johnny and Naya trouble was unavoidable and in truth they never tried to avoid it. Humour, war and love entangle as Paris gets bombed and four lives come together and fall apart.
Paris October 2002, the Americans are going into Iraq and the French are acting all ornery. Irish Johnny and his English and American friends indulge...

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Flip-Flops, Fiestas and Flamenco (The Mediterranean Dream Book
Donna Hepburn

Flip Flops, Fiestas, and Flamenco is the first in a series of three books about two best friends, their lives, loves and adventures after moving to a small village in the Andalusian hills
Abby and Lou have been BFF’s since the first day at Uni. Despite being opposites in both looks and personality they were drawn to each other sharing a flat, dreams and a love of animals. Through the ensuing years despite personal loss and divorce, they remain as close as ever.
Abby would be the...

REECE: Prequel to the Dark Legacy series (The Dark Legacy urban
M. A. Anderson

You know that old saying: What you can't see can't hurt you? Don't believe it!
I'm Reece Daniels a homicide detective with the LAPD. I've always believed we'll get the bad guy. And we usually do. That is until recently. When a young woman's body is found in an alley downtown things take a dramatic turn for the worse. A body in an alley? Nothing unusual about that. Happens regularly in LA. Unfortunately. What is unusual is the way she died.
Me and my partner, Dave Colson, are hunting a...

R.A.E.C.E. Genesis
Geoffrey C Porter

A tale of war which has been 25 years in the making. Struggle and conflict throughout.
Mankind develops star drive technology and shares it with another sentient species, and they stab us in the back.
The tale is told through three intertwining points of view: a historical view, a starship commander, and a front line ground pounder.
Will Jack control his rage or be consumed by it? Will he hold onto his rank and place in Fleet? Hell, will he survive? Will human beings ...

Prelude (An Alec Winters Series)
Chariss K. Walker

Meet sixteen year old Alec Winters and his friends when he was a normal teenager. Get the scoop on his life in New Orleans before his spiritual transformation to angel-redeemer and demon-destroyer.......

Rebecka Vigus

A Sanctuary short story featuring Macy McVannel
Fifteenyearold Grace Dutton has had anything but a normal life. Sexually abused by the man who is supposed to be her protector, she feels her younger sister will be the next victim.
Macy McVannel and Dani Montgomery race to find the children protection and a hope for the future before it's too late.
Can stolen childhoods and broken homes lead to a happy ending?......