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The Italian Sister (The Wine Lover's Daughter, Book 1)
Christa Polkinhorn

Standing at her father’s grave in California, Sofia Laverne mourns his untimely death. Henry had not only been a loving parent but Sofia’s best friend and mentor. Imagine her shock and grief when she finds out her father had lived a doublelife, that she has a tenyear younger sister and inherited a vineyard in Tuscany. Torn between anger about his betrayal, grief for her loss, and hopeful anticipation, Sofia packs her bags and takes off for Italy to meet fourteenyear old Julietta....

Have You Read?
Questions of Faith: The Kesher Chronicles #2
Sarah Wallin-Huff

Twentythree years after surviving the Scandal of 2241, Janice Parc lives out her adulthood in pleasant normalcy with her husband and three children. The family gets the chance to visit the village of Hiskitan in northernmost Artemisia. Janice knows she must face her memories with courage if her heart is to move on. So she agrees to the journey for the sake of her family and for her own growth.
Unfortunately, the depth of the Artemisians’ pain is too great to ignore. The last living...

Guardians of the Crystals: The Osirion Connection
K.D. Martel

  Fourteen years following the Great Flood that destroyed the continent of Atlantis, the survivors of that mighty civilization have recreated their flourishing society once again in the beautiful land of Mayach. Deanu, an Atlantean, is the Guardian of the Crystals, a name given to those Atlanteans who carry the genetic marker that allows them to create a symbiotic exchange with the Power Crystal entities; an ancient sentient energy source that powers their civilization. The Atlanteans...

Balance of Powers
Hugh Ashton

Major Henry Powers, USMC Afghanistan vet, meets Jeanine. Like Henry's sister, Jeanine has lost her house to the system that sold her a crooked mortgage. Together, the pair travel in search of the banksters, and a trail of corpses shows where they've been. Balance of Powers explores the depths of revenge, and the healing power of love, as Henry races to outrun the law, righting the wrongs done in the name of greed.

Invasion (The Avalon Trilogy Book 2)
Julie Elizabeth Powell

The children are once again called by the Time Keeper of Avalon and find themselves within the Orb of Caprice, this time joined by Daisy, Billy’s unsuspecting grandmother, where, together, they must find the Key of Light, if all their worlds are to be saved before DarkStar gains control.
The corrupted land of the Dark Reaches is full of mysterious and forbidding creatures, testing friendships and resolve as they battle through this fragmented world in an effort to complete their quest....

Reach For Me (Friend Zone Book 2)
Rachael Tamayo

When Ashley’s high society life crumbles around her in the space of one afternoon, she’s forced to swallow her pride and move back home to Dallas. Having lost both her husband and her career, she takes up a job at her father’s restaurant under her little sister Adrienne’s management. After months living with her parents, she decides to move in with her coworker and friend, Shane. Ashley vows to never let a man cause her life to come crashing down around her ever again. Never will...