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Loving Ashe: Book 1 of the Loving Ashe Trilogy
Liz Madrid

A booty call. A stuck elevator. A chance to move on.
Three years after her exboyfriend left her to pursue his Hollywood dream, Riley Eames' love life is still on hold, hindered by questions only he can answer. So when he asks to meet her for a booty call while he's in town, she reluctantly agrees, only to find herself stuck in the hotel elevator with charming British actor, Ashe Hunter, who's in town to promote his latest movie.
But even as sparks fly between them, Riley realizes...

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Short Horror Tales - Book Bundle 2 (Short Horror Tales - Book
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Supersaving Short Horror Bundle...
IGNITION SOURCE: Late at night, at a huge warehouse, a disabled security guard expects another boring, routine shift of work. He is utterly unprepared for the horror and terror he will have to endure. First there are intruders, then a raging fire, horrific murders... and a monstrous secret that is both alive and utterly lethal. In the face of a challenge which makes him doubt his sanity, can he survive..?
HOUSE OF MY DREAMS: Sometimes the worst...

Igniting the Wild Sparks
Ren Alexander

In the second follow up to “Chasing the Wild Sparks,” Hadley Beckett comes closer to triumphing over a reluctant Finn Wilder…
What would you do if the love of your life gave you the keys to the kingdom, but won’t let you in?
At the end of her rope, Hadley grabs her intrepid boyfriend Finn Wilder’s world by the…bridge. Finally ready to end the neverending merrygoround that is their unknotted life together, she enlists the help of her friends to help boost her own courage....

Death Command
Vijay Kumar Pagadala

A retired sniper's, ordered to take up a job he did not like, and resigned. He's forced to accomplish an order, to shoot and die. Discipline and sincerity are tough to cease, and fortunately, he easily adopted a civilian's life. He's called 'Dabwi', an honest and patriot soldier. What should he do to avoid the job? What could be the repercussions?
An exofficer plays a Double Dragon game and Double crosses Dabwi to get involved, be accused. So he designs a death game and pushes him to...

The Battle of Anton Zavorski
Pat Monteath

‘Save me from the clutches of him who takes for himself what he sees: may the malevolent gaze of his eyes be diverted and the glowing breath of his mouth not take me away,’ were the words that for some inexplicable reason sprang to mind as he opened his front door.
Anton Zavorski, a well know writer and unaware of his importance to a small group of people in America, is seduced by the beautiful Ruth the disciple of Nathan Goldstein, a literary agent and powerful adept of the...

This Truckin' Life: The Reminiscences of a Truck Driver (The
Laurie Driver

This book is a set of reflections and recollections of a truck driver's forty plus years in the hard and unforgiving world of the haulage and transport industry.
It delves into methods resorted to in order to survive and make ends meet for himself and his family, in a world where the truck driver is deemed the lowest of the low. There is humor, pathos, some love and some violence. There are tales of underhand dealings, fiddles and thievery.
It tells of times when truck driving was a...