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Go to Rivenrod|the blog and discover a fresh perspective on what you think you already know. Immerse yourself in: ART as diverse as Steampunk and street painting: MUSIC as multifarious as throat singing and Chansons de Trouvères: WORDS in prose and in song that breathe oxygen to your heart and will often bring a smile to your lips. READ incisive comment on life and the world in which we live: discover traditional as well as some new and exciting ways eggs and tomatoes can be used as tools of persuasion. HEAR ingrained belief that Reality is often the only Truth that matters.

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"He sits in his deckchair cradling a mug of tea and there he remains for a minute or two, eyes closed, acclimatising himself once again to his makeshift kingdom. He stretches his long legs and welcomes the dim crush of emerging light. A contented sigh slips through his teeth and he allows the tacky remains of a dreamless sleep to stitch the current day into a seamless extension of the day before where the interruption of evening and nighttime were nothing more than a vacant interlude in...

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A Home for Haley (Crystal Springs Homecoming Romances Book 3)
Mary Jane Morgan

Haley Donahue’s husband has been missing in action for more than a year, a year of waiting and pain as she watches other soldiers return home to their families. Determined to build a better life for her toddler, Ryan, Haley relocates to Nashville and takes a job as nanny to a little girl learning to live without her mother.
Ethan Richardson knows Haley will be gone in a heartbeat if her Air Force husband returns, and as a man whose daughter has already been abandoned by one woman,...

The Dragon's Ring
Debra Daugherty

Sir James Trueblood is determined to capture a unicorn so he can marry Princess Isadora. The knight begins his quest, not realizing the princess is following him in disguise. On his journey, Sir James tangles with a witch and fights a dragon. With the dragon's ring, the knight's mission is a success, but then he learns the unicorn will die if not set free. Now he has a dilemma: marry the princess or free the unicorn.

Prince Regal and the Forgotten Friends
Jennie Orbell

Prince Regal is trying to keep everyone’s spirits up, while Roger the tipper truck seems completely determined to upset everyone. . . The problem is that the toys have been in Bobby’s parents’ attic for a very, very long time. Even Merrybelle, the eternally happy Christmas fairy, is beginning to think that they may never be found.
Will someone come? Will the toys ever leave the attic? Is grumpy Roger right and the friends will remain in the attic forever?

Crazy Zoo
Jane Finch

Take a look behind the scenes of the world's craziest zoo. From water that's too cold to a chimp that likes to dress up, you won't believe it until you read it. Thank goodness for Bridget the Brolga Bird, who is always on hand with ideas to solve one crisis after another and endeavours to keep the animals happy and contented.
Bridget has a secret. Of course, the animals can't talk to their keeper and tell them what the problem is, but luckily Bridget can talk to the other animals and...

Ashley Allyn

Introducing Ashley Allyn's debut novel, Clairvoyance, the first book in a thrilling new young adult series.
Jaded by a strange ability and haunted by the demons lurking in everyone around her, seventeenyear old Gladys 'Colby' Colbern thinks her life is destined for loneliness and heartache.
Everything changes the day Colby and her best friend Beck, also a visionary, realize they are not alone. Their ability is referred to as 'clairvoyance', and a community miles away declares...