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The Stink
C Hogan

North London, 1976. It is the longest, hottest summer on record. The dustmen are on strike, the water is running out and the kids hate their parents.
Which bunch of idiots would think it a good idea to start a band?
Stench, Aroma, Smell, Haze and Fart might not have the sweetest nicknames in town, but these five have just finished their OLevels and are on a mission to take their fledgling little band and get themselves a half decent gig. Songs are good, playing is getting better,...

Have You Read?
The Collective Protocol
Brian Parker

Paige Watkins is a telepath who can control the minds of those around her. When a cabal of devious Canadian politicians learns of her abilities, The Collective Protocol is born. Its mission is to destabilize their troublesome southern neighbor and erstwhile partner while increasing international Canadian influence and expanding their national borders.
The telepath’s gifts are magnified using cutting edge technology, allowing her to inflict heavy damage upon the country of her birth as...

Nazi Nukes
Chris Lowry

Dirtbag Treasure Hunter Warner Yeager followed the love of his life to Germany. After he catches her on the thighs of another man, she promptly kicks him out of her flat.
What else should a homeless lovelorn sad sack do but hunt for The Amber Room, a looted treasure stolen by the Nazis in WW II.
Yeager uncovers a dark secret hidden in a bunker deep in the Bavarian forest. Hitler's secret arsenal of nuclear missiles to be deployed as the final option.
When Yeager shares his...

Baking Chocolate Cupcakes and Brownies: A Beginner’s Guide
Lisa Maliga

It’s easier than ever to bake decadent chocolate cupcakes and brownies. Get helpful tips about decorating and coloring cupcakes, recommended equipment, and loads of resources. Original and tested stepbystep recipes include Blueberry Brownies, Chocolate Coconut Cupcakes, Blue Velvet Cupcakes, Peppermint Swirl Cupcakes, and many more tantalizing treats.
The book was written by someone who went from baking box mix brownies and cupcakes to discovering the joy of baking from scratch. With a...

FIFTH GOSPEL - A Novel (Rosicrucian Quartet Book 4)
Adriana Koulias

From the acclaimed Author of TEMPLE OF THE GRAIL, THE SEAL and THE SIXTH KEY comes a singular achievement, a novel that transcends the four known gospels to unveil a secret kept hidden for centuries: the secret of the two Jesus Children.
It is 1244 and the Castle of Montségur is under siege. Trapped in the small fortress perched high in the Pyrenees Cathars and their supporters fight to avoid death on the pyre at the hands of the Catholic Church. Amidst the carnage and mayhem of war, a...

The Witches of Naiad School: Little Molly's Mishaps (The
Denise McCabe

Molly is a student in Naiad school for witches. She can be a little bit cheeky and likes to do things her way and sometimes she does not listen to her teacher Miss Ethel and they constantly fight with each other. One day Molly has to take an important spell exam that will take her to the next level of witchery. Will Molly follow the instructions carefully or decide to do things her way? Activities included.